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  1. I now appear to have this issue with our Orb, but an email to KeithRogers@Eaton.com gets rejected .... is there an updated email address to obtain the diagram to access the board and battery ? Many thanks
  2. I suspect that's it ... it's Monday morning. I steered away from the USB creator download as I assumed I didn't need that. I guess I wasn't expecting the Phantom link to be among the options. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am currently running 7.9.4 on an Orb desk and wish to upgrade to 7.9.5. Previously I have used the USB tool to prepare an upgrade but this time I should be able to upgrade using the load file in setup. I have extracted the 7.9.5 exe to a USB stick and I can see the file and select it within the load file screen. Initially I get the 2 confirmation screens that I am about to upgrade the OS which will delete all settings, but when I click on OK to both screens I am presented with a screen with the message 'File does not contain an upgrade package'. I didn't see a separate download for an upgrade install - have I missed something or is something else wrong ? Many thanks Paul
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