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  1. Hi all, on my FLX S24 i have cue where the moves are going around the room. The next cue on the master playback is a black out. but for this and the cues next, the moves will not stop moving. even if I cue them in the next scene on stage they then start to move again. help
  2. Hi there, no I don’t Have anything connected to it. Just power and DMX
  3. I have a FLX S24. It has started to crash and lock up. Sometimes it does not output any DMX but the desk still works. Other times the desk just does not respond. I am running 7.9.9When I restart the desk it is all ok. I am not doing anything in particular when it lock etc. this happens on two different show files. Can you help solve this. Thank you
  4. Hi all, I have updated my desk to the latest software (7.9.8) But I can’t seem to find the move on dark bit also the playback settings have gone. am I missing something. also I have uploaded the fixtures that are missing into the desk and they are all in red in the fixtures schedule, what does the red mean. any help would be helpful thank you
  5. Hi all, i think that I have been trying to use the Move On Dark bit on the desk. so far I have had no luck at all. i have a simple moving unit. All I want it to do is when in playback, move to the next position in dark. can someone help with this. If I cannot do it with one light then what chance do I have with 20 of them thanks
  6. Hi all, why can I not find were to download Phantom ZerOS. help please
  7. Thank you so much for your help. i will let you know how I get on
  8. Hi all, I have just got myself a FLX S24. I will be using it with LED wash lights and moves. But I will be using it with Dimmers which control par cans as well. I have a 24 cannel dimmer. I know that the FLX S24 can have up to 48 fixtures. is there away that the dimmers can be just 1 fixture. so they do not need to take up half of my fixture list.
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