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  1. Thanks David! I do love doing it, and like to think I can do it pretty well (at times). I'll keep experimenting and looking for sure!
  2. It does help, thanks so much! Really excited about getting stuck in again and working out the show lighting (and insert/delete is going to change my life).
  3. Ah brilliant. How do you set auto after? Never used that.
  4. Hi Edward Thanks for the reply. All good on Insert and Delete, it seems our software was newer than the manual! Regarding the moving head. This is fine for going from a cue where the fixture isn't on, into one where it is. My query is more when the light is pointed to one place, then needs to point somewhere else. In this case am I right in doing three cues: 1. Scene with moving head 2. Fade out moving head but keep everything else the same 3. New scene with new position and intensity As we only have one fixture at the moment, it might well be going some heavy lifting in the next show so is likely to be on in different places in consecutive scenes. Then when I run the show I can just quickly tap through cue 2 and 3.
  5. Hello I'm a complete but enthusiastic amateur using a Solution desk at a school. I've been playing around with the desk for about 4 years and am basically ok with it. We've slowly been building up our capacity and have now got an Infinity Furion s402 moving head spot. I'm just getting to grips with how to use it and have a question. One of the wheels on the desk under Beamshape is "Control" which allows me to set Pan/TIlt Blackout or not. However, it seems like this is a general setting and now available for each cue, is that right? So either the light will track to the next position every time, or it will blackout before moving every time. My question is, how can I get control of this per cue? Most of the time I'll want the light to be off before it moves, but sometimes I won't! Is the best way to do this to create an identical cue but with the furion off, then set the next scene with it on but in a new position? This seems a bit of a bodge but provided I'm thinking ahead when I program the show it should be ok! Speaking of which, there are two function that I can't get to work on the desk. I cannot Delete a single cue. If I press Delete and Go, it deletes the entire stack. Secondly, I can''t insert a cue in between two others. The insert button does nothing. As you can imagine, both of these things are really useful when programming (especially if I **** up the moving head position as above!) I'm in Non-Tracking mode on the desk because a) I've no idea how to change that and b) Tracking mode scares me a bit, as the manual says I work by setting a whole scene as I want it, then pressing record. EDIT - I WISH I'd found this forum three years ago! I can now Insert and Delete cues to my heart's content.
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