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  1. I spoke with Franck in germany about this, its the same disc as used in the other desks which went fine, just the mambos. Franck thinks the floppy drives in the desk themselves maybe the problem, so at some point I will swap them around. I will let you know! Andy
  2. Better late than never!!! I have been upgrading the frogs, no problem with the Fat Frogs, but the both Mambos hang for a long time and finially come up with the message, system teminated. What am I doing wrong? Andy
  3. The screen seems a must, shows a lot more info than the desk veiws, also a keyboard seems a worth while thing to carry with the desk.
  4. I thought that a seperate wait or dwell time for LTP might be a very useful feature. For example, the lights fade out in 5 seconds, but the LPT dwell is 6 seconds a quick way of fading lights without seeing them move though colour, beam and position. One less cue to program. Or the other way in a cuelist, a 1 second wait on HTP and no wait time on LTP, the units fly into the new cue before the lights fade up and another one less setting up cue.
  5. The festival season is over so doing some housework, bringing desks up to date with software. The frogs we have are fairly new and we haven't had much time to play around yet, but I noticed a new fixture file and was wondering the way to get that in the desk, can't find anything in the manual to help me with that. Thanks in advance, Andy[/b]
  6. For example in the beam palettes, how do seperate the paramaters so I do not record them, it as if all things remain in the programmer. I use Hog 2 and 3, so I am a little cofused how you clear the programmer. Some sort of mind set problem I think for me!!! Andy
  7. We have just got some fat frogs and mambos and I was wondering on beam palettes how I would knockout a value. Lets say I want to do a rota speed for a gobo, I need to have the gobo in to see the speed, but do not want to record the gobo, just the speed. Is that possible or would I record the look to a master with a gobo in then touch the rota encoder, so I only record that. Andy[/b]
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