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  1. i have to agree with this, the desk OS has been very doggy over the last few releases. I saw OS 8 at Plasa focus last year, in which I managed to crash the desk when exiting RDM in the setup. Lack of updates, info and unreliable os had made me make a hard decision very easy. After using Zero 88 products for 15 year Im Switching our Orb for a ETC IOS later this year. Sorry guys but we have to have a Desk that works and visiting companies don't laugh at. lxkev
  2. I paid for the app on iphone and to be honest if it ment a better remote for android i would buy it,
  3. Something else to check... i had this a lot on my orb.... the internal battrie had died or had popped out the holder.
  4. Hello Made a RGB + virtual dimmer fixture..... but dimmer effects dont work?
  5. Hi Zero 88 I've noticed you dont do the ML anymore (the unit without faders). Is there anychance you could alow a use keypad to contol the levels of the 24 generic dimmers? Please!
  6. Hi All I've recently gone from iphone to andriod, and the android app sucks! (sorry). I have a 4" screen and the app displays the remote in 1 1/2" of it. Its to small to be any use, I'm not the only person suffering from this as many people have commeted on the play market about the same prob.... When is going to be fixed?
  7. Just wondering if its possible to update firmware on chilli dimmers
  8. Hi Zero 88 I made a profile for a sgm idea spot 300, but have since lost the file... Please could you chaps make one... please.
  9. hi guys, i've just made the move from iphone, to android... im on 2.2.2 I cant seem to enter the ip adrress? the first two boxes are visable, but the next two are two small to click on type in...
  10. Hi Our zero 88 memory disk died a few years ago, i tried 20 memory sticks to try and install os, and only had look with one.... Some (insert nasty word) has stolen it and i'm not having any look trying to find alternative that works. If anybody has a non-zero88 memory stick could you list it here...please! Kev
  11. Hi All We bought one of the above touch screen before you listed compatible list years ago when zero said touch screens work with the frog 2........ 4/5 year later still no APR? and i have a £500 screen doing nothing.... Any chance of ever getting this screen to work?
  12. As the title states????? de bugg attached
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