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  1. some one can told me .what 's the F 1 -F 4 button for ? i know only for typing the name of cue .
  2. can i move only dmx channel of brightness to fader ( like AVOLITE) i think it easy to fade black much more scoller Moderation: Off-topic and bewildering replies to the original question removed for clarity.
  3. if i use mac . how can i run phantom :twisted:
  4. what is the LTP fade and Dwell time .please to explain . please 8O[/img]
  5. my theatre buy a new bull frog about two month . and it's the first time i will up date at version 9. then i should back to update at version 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 too. or not
  6. then you have some trick.my theatre always take No1+No5 to play this week and No6 and No4 to play next week . we don,t have much more time to programe again. And i can't load during the show because the dimmer will be flash or black out.
  7. hi every frog. i need to know ,my bull frog that can load two show in the same time. because my theatre always take a small peice of show to play again with another show
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