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  1. Hi,I have tried to download the full os installer file but when I tried to open it I received an error message "invalid zip folder" Could you check if your file is correct ; maybe it's just a computer problem on my side.oops, sorry.Itried again with firefox instead of IE and worked fine
  2. hello, I 'd like to patch a range of dimmer (let say dimmers 1 to 10) to channels 31 to 40 . Is there a quick way to do so (for example in an old fashion command line syntax: "1 thru 10 @ 31 thru 40") Same question if I want to patch a range of dimmers to a single channel (I want to control dimmers 1 thru 10 using channel 30).
  3. Hello, There is nothing in the manual about that so could you tell me if: Is there a list of supported CDR drives for the leapfrog? Does it support CD-R ? CDRW+/- ? Thanks
  4. As far as I can see the overide knob doesn't affect the time of auto trigger for the memories. This can be a problem if you have a long time to wait and have to start your fade sooner than programmed
  5. Yes this is really something that is missing
  6. Hello, I would need a few black out cue in a show. My problem is I can't copy the cue --. When copy is pressed I am asked for the source and destination, but "0" or "00" doesn't exist and the "-" sign can not be entered. Another weirdness about this cue -- is that when I output it and display the source it says M654.2 Best regards David
  7. Hi, It would be nice to have the remaining fade time displayed , it is more accurate than a progress bar and would be very appreciated by theaters. you could use for example the format: up XX/YY down XX/YY where XX is remaining time and YY the programmed time. it would just take a space of 1 line above the bar. David
  8. HI, Is it possible to create a "cue part" on a leap frog? David
  9. Hi , I'm a new leapFrop 96 french user. As you certainly know we have in France a different keyboard layout (AZERTY). My problem is that i haven't found option in the setup to switch from qwerty to azerty the keyboard type. Any idea on how to do that? David
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