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  1. sav


    yep number 1 worked dont know why i didnt try that myself long day!!!! thanks
  2. sav


    How do i put scrollers in cues, i cannot get the scrollers to go to the right colours, i set the state i like settig scrollers to blue for example record cue as normal tag the parameters i need. then i use the clear button to clear everthing go to run the cue and the scroller does nothing, it goes to the colour it was is left in when the desk was turned on. any ideas
  3. sav

    UDF Fade Time

    yep the udf fade time is solved, but pressing the active key then enter with the udf's needed up take the intensity straight to 100% meaning i cannot use the udfs to mix a state that i like as when i record it its all at 100%.
  4. sav

    UDF Fade Time

    How do I take the default fade times off the UDFs I have a wash on one UDF and I want it to come up as quick as I can push the fader up at the moment I push it to full and it takes several secs for it to fade still. I was shown on the training course but I forgot how!!! Also I have several washes and specials on different UDF's. How do I put them into cues, when I press ACTIVE UDF I can only get that single UDF in the cue is there another way, like on the strand 520 when you record with subs up they record straight into the cue, is this possible as it would make life easier
  5. sav

    frog crashes

    This has started to get annoying now, everytime i press load show from a usb stick the desk freezes, screens mouse everything goes dead. I have to turn the desk on and off and then on most occasions it will not start up again gets stuck on the zero 88 logo on startup. So i have to start start it up 20 times or so until it finally runs ok. Then i go to load the show i need the exact same happens???
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