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  1. The patching is used so that each row of fixtures buttons matches a lighting bar on stage, weird but it works for me!! What I didn't explain was that I was referring to the memories page, which now shows (or should do) the brightness level of all fixtures - this is the bit that seems to work when it feels like it!!
  2. Using my leap frog today on a very long crossfade, I thought it would be useful to see progress of the UP and DOWN times on the main (memories) page of the monitor - I beleive the only indication is currently the red led next to the GO button, or switching to output view and watching the channels change - but this does not indicate progress on a crossfade, whether there is 5mins or 10secs to go - so I'm probable looking for a single line stating cross faded time (i.e. total) and remaining time or DONE. for both UP and DOWN times.
  3. The display of the fixture brightness on the monitor is a great idea - however this does always seem to reflect what is actually on. I currently have 7 fixtures on a leap frog patched to fixtures 2, 4, 6, 7, 12, 15 and 21. But only the first three regularly give their brightness on the monitor.
  4. I've a come across an automated light which has inversed brightness. i.e. DMX 0 is full on, and 255 is off. Weird I know. The question is: Is it possible to invert this on the desk (I have a leapfrog desk), or is there a good way of controlling such a fixture with this desk? I bit confused! Kevin
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