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  1. I'm not sure where to put this post so I'm hoping I may get some answers here... Simply - Is there a remote availible for the Fat Frog? I am in the situation of having to lug my desk about and it has been suggested that I may be able to get/ buy a remote for it. So I can leave it in the box and punch buttons down on the stage to get the lanterns on that I want. Does this exist? I can't see anything in the zero 88 product range but I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for! If not does anyone have any other helpful suggestions as to what i can use??? thanks eldar
  2. eldar


    Thanks, that makes a bit more sense. I will try playing with this info and my desk. I apologise for asking for info when I have no access to the equipment, but time constraints mean that I am trying to gather info ready for programming quickly. Just a little more info needed thou -is it tagged when the red led is on or the yellow. I am right in thinking that the yellow led just means that a fixture is programmed in and the red is for fixtures that are 'currently' in use? Does this mean that is I press 'example -palette 4 =red' will all the fixtures I programed into the palette go to red or only the ones that I have pressed and have the red led lit? eldar p.s. -ahh at least im not going mad in not being able to find the spell check!
  3. eldar


    Hello all. I am currently playing with 2 Martin cx2's and my fat frog. All is going ok, begining to get the hang of palettes, but I do have very little time to play on the desk and I'm trying to gather info a little 'in theory' before I get time to practice. For reference Im in partial mode. My question is... Can someone please explain in plain english, possibly step by step, what tagging is and how it may effect my programing if I don't untag. I've tried the manual and a search on the forum but can't find much info on a broad or general level. Thanks eldar (P.S. can someone also tell me where the spell check is on this forum, not having a good day here)
  4. Thanks for the replies on this. I don't have an external monitor, but I'm getting one as a christmas pressie! I will upgrade my software in the new year as I finish work in 15 minutes and I'm locking the building up not to return until 2006! If I get the same glitch again I'll let you all at zero 88 know. Merry Christmas eldar
  5. oh poo, made myself look silly -I looked in desk info but didn't notice the up and down option. I'm on software 9.6 (.1?) and I've just tried to make my desk go funny and I can't -probably a good thing though not in your quest for knowledge. I've loaded up the fixtures six times now!! cheers eldar
  6. hello, A display of the fade times running would be very useful. I use my desk for many different types of show and the last theatrical production had several cues of over two minutes each. It would be very useful to see the fade up and fade down times tick by on the screen. Thanks eldar
  7. sure thing, where does it tell me what software im running. It doesn't seem obvious... I got the desk 13 months ago and I havn't put any upgrades on it yet.
  8. okey dokey, I've just gone through and put all the data in again. The wheels are all reading as they should! Unfortunatly there is now a rehearsal on the theatre space so I can't test it but it's looking good... I'm not sure what I must of done to get the lcd screen to read nothing and the wheels to repond as they did. Hopefully it's now fixed though. Thanks again for your help, even if it confirmed what I had done -I must of made a mistake somewhere though I'm not sure where! eldar
  9. Hi and thanks for the reply. All that you have detail is exactly what I did... right the way down to my fixtures being 49 and 53. It was after doing this that my desk went all funny on me. I'm going to go and try doing it all again from the begining, but do you have any other ideas as to why the wheels are not responding. It seems very odd that the colour function is operating the brightness of one of them and that the other lcd read outs say and do nothing. thanks eldar p.s. apologies for any spelling mistakes -I can't find the spell check button, im not having a good night! :cry:
  10. Hi, I've just loaded in two fixtures on my fat frog. Martin -cx2. They were originally loaded but I wiped it all out and started again because I havn't played with this part of the desk in yonks and wanted to refresh my memory. That was all fine -except my wheel functions have gone funny. One fixture is ignoring me and the other is changing brightness with the colour setting. When the colour button is pressed the lcd screen displays '???' and when I press any of the buttons it no longer says anything on them. I'm rather confused -can anyone please help. eldar
  11. Hello, I'm currently trying to program chases on the Fat Frog, resulting in some confusion and the forum 'how do i' has been of help. (thanks) However, :? Can you please explain what full and partial modes are and what makes them different? Also how do you change from one to the other? any info would be appricated Thanks Eldar
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