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  1. Hi Edward Downloaded you file and up loaded to the desk and had a look at your patch edit. I managed to build one of my own to suit our lighting rig. Thanks for all your help Jim
  2. Hi Edward Thanks for your input unfortunately I am not too up to speed with what to do. I have looked and don't have a edit patch menu do you mean edit fixture ? I know there is something not right I have a 48 channel conventional rig and 2 VL1000TS and the first VL1000 has a DMX address of 50 and the desk says the next available DMX address is 51 which I know is not right. Could you give me a guide on what to do ? The light doesn't have any settings for changing DMX mode Thanks
  3. Hi I have an Orb running 7.9.2 when I Hook up the VL1000TS it doesn't operate lights and when I select light and try the Pan and Tilt Wheels nothing happens but when I use the Intensity wheel it rotates the light. Any Idea's ? I am going to load the previous software version onto the Desk to see if that works.
  4. Hi Jon There is no vertical lines between each button and I did record something on them and it remained blank. Also when you start up the Orb the Orb word scrolls along all the screens from left to right but it remains blank or missing in these two windows. Regards James
  5. Hi My Orb has not been used in a while and I have just updated to 7.8 and noticed that the Display screen above the Cue Stack 1-5 and above the UDK 1-5 are blank. They have the Blue back ground lit up but no text ? Jimbob
  6. Hi how do I program a row of fixtures to come on randomly and quickly like a blinding effect. I can go in and adjust the shutter so they flash but they just all flash together at the same time. Can't see anything in the effect menu for doing that ? Do I have to convert a cue stack and do it that way ? Regards Jim
  7. Hi I would like to control my ORB using my IPhone I have downloaded the App on my phone and have a Wireless Router which can connect to the ORB can someone guide me through step by step the wireless setup ? Thanks Jim
  8. Hi All does anyone have a fixture for the above Pinspots I have been given 2 of them but can't find them in the fixture Library. can I use a similar Eurolite fixture to work this or can you point me in the right direction for creating one as Im a bit of a thicko when it comes to this ! Thanks Jim
  9. Jimbob

    Energy Lamps

    Hi Jon Sorry for the delay I had to go and get some more Info. I have attached the spec for the hall lights installed they are TC/F Compact Fluorescent 36 watt lamps. Would the Chilli 410i HF be able to control them ? Regards Jim Thorn Lights.pdf
  10. Jimbob

    Energy Lamps

    Hi We have a Chilli Pro 410 Connected to House lights with 2 control panels for control. We used to have conventional 100w bulbs but have recently installed new House lights with low energy Bulbs. I was just wondering if they could be connected to the Chilli 410, I know they won't dim properly but will low energy bulbs work with Chilli Dimmers. Regards Jimbob
  11. Hi Jon Great thats what I thought from reading manual Thanks for that Jim
  12. Hi Jon Thanks for that. That made it easy ! Jim
  13. Hi All Just wonder how easy it is to program movingheads on Orb got a show coming up and first time using Orb with Movingheads. I have previously used an older leapfrog with some varilites and we used the step function to creat a sweeping effect around Hall. I have had a read of the manual and notice that there are some preset effects. How easy is it to create your own and add them to your cuestack ? Apologies if its really simple but these lights are coming in on hire and was looking to be on the ball when they turn up. Thanks Jim
  14. Hi All I have a show coming up that is going to be using Varilite Movingheads and I was hoping someone could instruct me on how to patch them into the Orb. I am using 48 conventional fixtures which is connected to universe 1. I know you can go into the menu and and and fixture and select manufacture and quantity. But how do I get the Varilites to start DMX address after 48 ? Also do these get connected into the second Universe ? I have tried to read the instructions but am a little confused. Aplogies if its a simple job. Jim
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