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  1. hello, In school we run 4 movers on an ML board winged with 24/48. We program the 24/48 in with the movers on one scene or chase, occasionally we have to take out some lights at last minute but is there anyway to edit the 24/48 input on the ML board? It's setup as a snapshot, do I have to change this? Thanks, Callum
  2. Thanks again, problem solved and it really was one of those "lightbulb" moments haha
  3. Thanks alot! you are the most helpful person I know, although I am still slightly confused I get what its saying. I will have a go on sunday and let you know if this helped. Thanks again, Callum
  4. I have also found that the scene takes elements from the previous played scene. e.g one scene was a gobo was with colours and the next was a plain strobe, but the gobos and colours strobed instead... any ideas?
  5. Can someone please help me? This is a very annoying problem that I can't fix.
  6. hello, This may be a silly question but can a South-African plug be used as a 15A Plug for theater lights? Thanks, Callum
  7. Hello, could someone please help me out with making a custom fixture for http://www.americandj.com/pdffiles/x_move_led_25r.pdf . I tried to make a file in the Type Editor but when I try to load it it says wrong type or something like that... (file attached) Also, can I change 5 pin to 3 pin and then go back to 5 pin again? I have various lights. FixTyp1.ift
  8. Can you use the ML board for another fixture other than a moving one? For instance, could I setup a strobe or led fixture with only a few different channels? I'm new to the ml so I'm not so sure. Thanks, Callum Allan
  9. Thanks for the reply Jon, I have a Show File from a pantomime last week. since this it has been updated from 2.4 to 3.3 and restored. but maybe you can find something I'm doing wrong? SHOW01.JML
  10. Information: Jester ML v3.3 connected with 24/48 4x Clay Paky - Alpha Spot 300 At our school, when we program in moving lights we find that they often disappear in Run Mode. You press play and the only thing that works in the static lights. The dimmer disappears along with other things like gobo, prism, colour, position etc. (they often take it in turns) It does it in chases and a step. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong? They have done this for like a year now but I have got to a point where they fail me. I am quite new to the zero 88 boards aswell. Thanks, Callum Allan Dingwall Academy
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