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Found 6 results

  1. Help! I have a Strand 200plus lighting console and I need to control a Rogue R1 Spot and a R1 wash. I can't seem to find any chauvet fixture library files ANYWHERE!! Can anyone help me out? Thanks,
  2. Can anyone crate me a fixture file for this moving head please. http://www.chauvetlighting.com/products/manuals/ROGUE-_R1_Beam_UM_Rev2_WO.pdf Thanks
  3. Hello, Just seeing if anyone has made the profiles for Chauvet Q-Wash 419Z-LED LINK Thanks Sorry, I was blind Now I found it http://zero88.com/forum/topic/6862-fixture-profile-required-for-the-chauvet-419z-led/ Chauvet Q-Wash 419Z-LED - manuál.pdf
  4. Hi, Is there a Chauvet Geyser profile on the next fixture release? or if there is one about now that would be even better! Would like to use 4 of them in july on the OrbXF. Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi All, I am serious need of a profile for Chauvet's LFS-75DMX. I have tried to use the fixture creator tool but for some reason its just not working correctly on my laptop. I need this for a brand new ORB desk being installed over the weekend. Link to Handbook: http://www.chauvetlighting.co.uk/products/manuals/LFS-75DMX_UM_Rev1_WO.pdf DMX Channels on page 12 of the pdf Really grateful in advance Dan
  6. The new Showtec XS-2 Duo (identical in spec to the Chauvet Intimidator) is a two-headed moving fixture with a common set of DMX. Can anyone help me with creating a common dimmer control for two addresses (each head has a dimmer with a separate addresses on ch5 & ch6). Personality can be 10, 17 or 20 channels but I have opted (for simplicity for the 10 Ch). I have tried a variety of options but always receive the same message that the fixture may only have one brightness parameter and not figured out a work-around. Thanks in anticipation for your thoughts. (.ift attached) Showtec XS2 Duo 10ch v2.ift
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