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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All I'm slightly confused. I have some lovely LED strip bars which are split into 8 segments each. I have created a chase where the each segment follows the other. I have set the speed to the maximum 600 beats per minute but it's still far too slow for the effect I am after. Is there a way to increase the speed of the chase to a custom level? Also, with the same LED strip bars, when I go into effects I can't see a random strobe option. Is there an easy way to create this? Thanks everyone! Rob
  2. Hi I have been working on some large chases for a bunch of active suntrips which have taken me ages to make! I have made them in the cue stack but only want them on subs. I have copied them into subs but when I delete the memory with that chase in the cue stack it dissapears in the sub to. Is there anyway to copy them over to subs but not delete them from both places. I really dont want to have to make them again on the subs! Cheers Jack
  3. Hi All I am using the Solution at work and have something I can't work out. I have been programming chases with our moving heads which works fine but when I want to run a very slow chase say 5 bpm the movers will go to the first step in the chase then wait for a few seconds before the chase continues and repeats. Once it starts its fine and there is no pause. If I use say the default chase speed of 60 bpm I don't have this problem. This might be how its designed to work, if so is there a work around the issue? On a slightly different note I did the upgrade to 7.8.2 the other day and had issues with channels 31 to 33 on the fader bank. 31 did nothing at all 32 and 33 worked but then got stuck at 1% when bought back down. Restarting the desk fixes this but it then happens after a little while again. Any idea's? Thanks Jack
  4. Hi We have recently bought a Solution and can't fault it! I am still working my way through its functions etc. I have been programming a show on it and hit a small snag which I can't work out! I have programmed a couple of chases into the cue stack but when I have programmed a cue after the chase cue, the moving lights will dim as they should but they continue to run the chase! I have tried to home them and turn the intensity to 0% then programmed the next cue but they still move. It wouldn't be so bad but they are quite loud when they move! Am I doing something wrong?! Thank you Jack
  5. Hi, I use the Jester 24/48 in a music venue and regularly use the chases on scene memories and sub masters using the beat function that I set to the tempo of the song as the song is being played. The problems occur when I want to stop all the chases when there is a pause in the song or at the end of each song. As far as I'm aware the only way to do this is to 'grab' the speed of the chase with the speed pot and then return the speed to zero. I find this method a bit of a problem because if you overshoot, the chase will speed up and it just kinds of looks messy. Is there any way to use one of the buttons that are possibly redundant in run mode to function as a 'pause button' (or 'chase-stop' if pressed with shift? This would be extremely useful, I think. Thankyou, archie
  6. rt59

    Chase times

    I'm having trouble, when programming chases, (Orb XF) in setting the speed. I programme the steps into a stack, and I convert it to chase, but when I change the number of bpm in the speed window and click ok, the chase just keeps going at the same (fast) speed without taking any notice of my programmed bpm. Have I missed something out?
  7. Hi All, I have a stack of NJD Datamoons that whilst being great fixtures, suffer from not having a dish rotate speed channel - instead you have to set the position of the dish as an absolute value (0-255). I'm trying to create a slow continuous rotation with a chase. I've set a chase with four steps - 0 degrees of rotation, 90, 180 and 270, and technically since the fixture takes the quickest route with the mirror dish it should carry on back to the start at the end of the chase. The problem arises because I've set a fade time so that we can have a slow rotate; at the end of the chase the DMX for the dish fades back from 255-0, meaning that we rotate quickly backwards to 0 degrees again rather than carrying on. Being able to set a fade time per-step would be handy, but I don't think that feature exists, an ability to set a chase to repeat but snap at the end would also do the trick, but does anybody else have any ideas or workarounds on this one? Cheers, Jay
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