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My fatfrog has gone crazy HELP


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My fatfrog board has a serious problem. When I first turn on the board it was working ok for the first 5 min and then both LCD screens on the board started flashing on and off randomly. Also all of the buttons on the board stopped working. This happen after I loaded a fixture file from the floppy disk that was included with the board. I have uploaded files from that floppy disk in the past with no problems but I am not sure if this problem has to do with up loading fixtures or not. I turned the board off and then on and as soon as I turn it on the LCD screens continued to flash and the board would not go though its self test run when you usually start up the board. I turned it off again and waited an hour and it still did the same thing. I turn off the board another time and unplugged all the cables and waited and hour and then plugged all cables back in and the same problem continued. It can’t be the battery because I bought the board 5 months ago and I have never had any problems with the board until now. It has version 9.8 software on it right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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