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  1. So sorry to drag up this old topic...but... What happens if you change from FULL to Partial Mode halfway through programming?! How are the fixtures affected?! Thanks, Sam
  2. Hi All, I've read through countless release notes, the forums & tried to look for the Frog Ref No everywhere (5351) but I can't seem to work out/ find if "Move While Dark" has been implimented in any recent software or BETA release and if so how to use it! Could someone clarify? It would be a great feature! Many Thanks, Sam
  3. Hi DogCop, Yep, it is possible on the desk. Go... Super User (hold + and - and enter) ---> Desk Setup ---> Pan/ Tilt Options ---> Pan Reverse/ Tilt Reverse/ Pan and Tilt Swap... As a general rule I always prefer to do it on the desk because it gives you more flexability and helps the next poor guy who rigs all the fixtures, strikes them all, tests them and thinks ohhh duck! Sam Edit: Ohh, just realised; if you haven't been able to find it already then it's probably because you've got an old version of the software. Pan/ Tilt Inverting has only been available from Version 9 upwards
  4. Hi Guys, Update: After work last night, the program is back up! To find it please go to http://www.samorme.co.uk and then to the Frog Training Program Pages or judt go directly to http://www.saodesign.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/frog.htm Thanks! Sam
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry I have not been posting & that the Training Programmes down!! I'm currently experiancing some problems with my webspace but I'm trying my hardest to sort them all out and I hope to have (a slightly improved version) of the Training Program back up by Saturday. All the best, Sam PS- I promise to make more of an effort with posting from now on java script:emoticon(':D')
  6. The advantage of the Frog in a school is that all the fixtures and channels have physical faders or fixture selection guttons which means you don't have to teach command line syntax etc. Sam
  7. Just as a few extra things, I missed a few points out in my original thread as I didn't read the original replies properly! Multiple Cue Stacks; Very useful, You can use one master cue stack to trigger off cues in other stacks etc. makes the desk very versitile. Ethernet: I know of several venues that are now having Ethernet tie lines being put in or already have them. A lot better than running 4 DMX cables; cheaper as well! USB: Memory stick, what a great idea! Way better than floppies; you can stor e more shows on there, keep it arround you neck, if you want to backup the files on your laptop then a lot of new laptops don't actually have a floppy drive, my iBook certainly doesn't. Touch Screens; Speeds up programming so much epsecially the externals, you will find on the pearl that to get to a lot of stuff you have to go through many menus using the softkeys, with the f2 everything is more accesible. All those UDF's amd UDKs; how amazing for live busking, now the pearl is famous for its busking abilities however to get to more than one set of palletes there is no clear page systm you have to use the AVO key which is annoying! Sam
  8. If you want to do proper theatre with a stack then you are wasting your time on a pearl, it horrible for theatre stack, its like its just been quickly added on and not a proper feature in the desk! I had a good demo of the F2 at ABTT from Bryan and I am also a trained avolites Pearl Programmer however I would have to say I would prefer to use a F2. Its a new product, far more modern and up to date than the pearl! And don't forget the F2 is made my Zero88 and they do give awsome service! Just a few reasons why i think its better, Sam
  9. ditto, I know have a mac so it would be great, but i wouldn't hold your breath- it would be a big task! Sam
  10. Your best bet would be to give Zero88 a ring and speak to someone from technical support like Keith Rodgers. Their number is: 01633 838088. Sam
  11. OK, here is a basic set of instructions for how to program a chase. 1. Go to a blank memory (anyone which fade times are only displayed when highlighted) 2. Hold Down Memory Type button to the right of the central LCD screen. 3. Set up the first state in the chase as you want it, ensure that if you are including generic the A/ B Masters are up and the Grand Master is up no matter what. Once you have set it up tag the fixtures you want to include. 4. Hit the red PROGRAM button. 5. Set up the next state and continue... until you have done all the states you want in the chase 6. Then with the arrow keys on the desk move down and set the modifiers; direction (>, < or <>), attack (/ etc.) and Speed. 7. Choose if you want the LTP parameters (Colour, Position and Beamshape) to snap or fade. 8. Select [FINISH] and you're done! HTH Sam
  12. If you use the google search option then you can use things like + and - and "" etc. to narrow down the search. Sam
  13. So when can we expect to see the brand new forum then? Sam
  14. Wow, cool feature, I must have missed that one when I read the manual (honestly I did, I even wrote my own!) Sam
  15. OK, Whats happening is that you guys are all in 'Full Mode'. Full Mode is where everything is recorded even if you haven't used the fixture. A good way to think about this mode is: What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If you set up a scene with say your blue par can at 100% but your red par can is at 0% and your scanner in the home position with dimmer at 0% it will save all of that info despite the scanner and red par not being used! Partial mode is where you can select what you want to save (obviously doesn't apply to generics because they work on a HTP basis). If you want to save your scanner into the scene then you need to hold down its fixture selection button until the yellow led starts flashing. So this way you can choose if you want to save the scan into the scene or not! To change the desks mode go; Super User (hold + - and press ENTER), then Desk Setup, Then Program Mode and change to Partial. HTH, Sam
  16. aha, if you could find out that would be great otherwise I will give them a ring on monday (a rough hire price would be great as well!!) Sam
  17. Nick, what branch are you from?? never seen or heard of you at the Bristol branch so guessing its not that one. Sam
  18. Hi, Just wondering who has the Frog II in their hire stock at the moment. Cheers, Sam
  19. If you want to try stuff out at home then why not just have a go on the OLE; THe 'Phantom Frog' avaiable for download off the zero88 downloads section. To keep a button pressed down on the OLE (like colour to see the palletes) just right click and then right click again to release the button. Sam
  20. Yep you can get it to remember the speed of the chase, in fact it is programmed automaticly when you 'finish' the chase programming. Sam
  21. OK, I try this: Program the following chase (again presuming that chan.1 is the hazer) Go to a memory which is unsued (somewhere near the end of the stack probably) and open the chase box (by holding down the memory type button) and the program step 1 as channel 1 @ FF and step 2 as channel 1 @ 00. Then set the speed to maximum, make sure that the attack is snap up and down and the direction is either forwards or bounce. Now you can edit the times so they are all 0 and tranfer to a sub. I have no idea how well this will work you may have to tweak with the speed live to get it working well. Sam
  22. Hiya, You can set up the following set of memories (repalce channel 1 with whatever channel the hazer is on): Mem 1: Channel 1 ON, Fade up @ 0, Fade Down @ 0, Dwell 00.00.3, Trigger: Auto, Mem 2: Channel 1 Off, Fade up @0, Fade Down @0, Dwell 00.00.2, Trigger: Auto, Jump: 1 This should work however I think you will be working quite close to the DMX refresh rate and it will also depend how quickly your Demux responds. Another factor to consider is that you wont be able to run anything else on the stack while this is happening. HTH, Sam
  23. Yep, The reason I would require more faders is to have them in front of me without having to flick through pages for a live playback situation!! Sam
  24. Hi all, have got a show in mind where I am thinking about using a Frog II later this year but form what I can see I would really like more faders. Are there any plans for a fader wing (ohh and by the way have you started shipping yet??) Sam
  25. I wouldn't go with the delete key for clear as on the new OS release it can be used to actually delete text entry. The rest of them I agree would be good. The Esc. key could be used like this: Whne in a menue or super user, etc. Pressing it takes you up a level. When in normal desk mode in say preview, outputs, submasters etc. pressing the Esc. key takes you to Memory with Mem. 0 Highlighted not Gone!! What do people think of the Page Up/ Down thing?? It would be useful if you did not want to move what the next cue is going to be but you wanted to have a look at the rest of you q's. When you pressed Go it could automaticly snap back up so you can see the next (highlighted) cue. Sam
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