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  1. Have a good read of the manual- may seem a bit daunting at first but easy once you get started (very addictive reading ). For some quick pointers look at my Guide a link to which and information is in the sticky topic at the top!. Here is some random info; F1= Locks the scree Hold down and attribute (i.e. colour, beamshape, poss) and you will see all the relevent palettes! Hold down + and - to enter super user Opperation is speeded up greatly with a monitor and keyboard. The Desk has two DMX univereses! Thats enough to be getting on with, I will post again when blessed with some more time! Sam
  2. Hiya all, You know the backspace key on the frog soesn't work for some reason when you put in a memory number to jump to it allows you to backspace. Why doesn't it do this when entering names etc.?? Sam
  3. I got this but only when I copied memories with effects on- this may have been talked about in the other topic but I havent got time to read it (sorry) Sam
  4. Hey everyone, Aparently there is a thing that like checks the desk for errors and then reports back- I think it has something to do with channel flash buttons as well. Does anyone know?? Sam
  5. Ah, You need to choose the show from the desk but so go in as normal leaving the floppy path as A:/. Once in go into super user ( + & - & Enter) and then go floppysidk>loadshow and then select Show01.inf and voila! Sam
  6. Yeah, thanks for that k-9!! I saw it but unfortunetly don't need one ne more. Thanks anyway Sam
  7. Don't take this as 100% as I don't know anything about sound but I think it would be the monitor outs. I am sure someone will comfirm/ dissmiss though Sam
  8. Me confunden levemente pues su inglés no es grande. Si usted explica en español entonces puedo intentar y utilizar software y un poco mi conocimiento para traducir. Apesadumbrado si usted no puede entender esto fue hecha usando software de la traducción. Adios SAM
  9. Yes you can go straight from your current version to the new one. There are instructions in how to do this here Sam
  10. have a sign saying; "Touch the desk and I get my leatherman out and slice you up. Did you fu 8O 8O ing get that?? Thank You for your co-operation in this matter and enjoy the show Sam
  11. Don't entirly get what you mean however you can insert cues you have missed e.g. if you want to put a cue between 5 and 6 you can insert and then the new cue number would become 5.1. I think in your possition I would program cue 5 onto memory 121 and then write on my cue sheet Cue 5- Mem 121, then when DSM goes S/B LX 5 tap in 121 on my keyboard and on LX 5 GO press GO and then tap 6 in on my keyboard and continue running. I may of got completly the wrong end of the stick though- v tired atm Sam
  12. Very nice Pipo.. What Generics did you have?? Sam
  13. Who voted OMG it was awful? Would like to hear about your experiance? Sam
  14. Guys what is going on????? I can't sleep at night I am so excited about Frog stuff. :oops: I think my Z88 Fleece makes it all better :wink: Sam
  15. Dwell Time A Dwell time is only necessery if the next memory in the memory stack has got AUTO as the trigger. If so dwell time is the ammount of time that the memory is played back for before the next memory is automaticly triggered. E.G. Memory 21 is set to AUTO (as trigger) so Memory 20's Dwell time is 00;40;00 (40 seconds). Memory 20 is triggered it will fade up, be played back for 20 seconds, fade down and then Memory 21 will automaticly start to fade up. For anyone interested here are Frog Ref Numbers associated with Dwell Times- Frog Reference 5347- Wait/Fade/Dwell times specified for individual steps in chase memories. Frog Reference No 5454 - Separate Wait or Dwell times for LTP parameters - to be reviewed. I hope this is clear, Sam
  16. Does anybody know of a second hand frog (poss fat frog) going. Just interested to see how much it is going for. Don't mind if its been toured or put through its paces as long as it works! Sam PS- Didn't know where to put this so here seemed the best place
  17. Hi all, The rest of the Fat Frog Training Program is complete! It now has extensive instruction on how to control moving lights using Zero 88™s Fat Frog board and some amendments to the Generics part. The Site that links to it is here (or copy and paste this address into your browsers address; http://www.saodesign.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk ) There will be some glitches to start off with however if you notify me I will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible. Please mail any feedback to; frogtraining {at} blueyonder{dot}co{dot} uk or sam.orme {at} blueyonder{dot}co{dot}uk At the moment you can only view it on the web (or you could make the page available offline using standard I.E. tools) so if you would like it on disk contact me and I will send it to you subject to a small charge to cover my expenses. Can I also advise you that when you do view it on the web you choose the view as slide show option (bottom left of the browser) as it enhances viewing quality greatly. I hope you enjoy the Program and it prevails to be a helpful resource to you. Regards, Sam Henderson Training Program Creator Edit: link updated
  18. Guys, Found this in LSI email! Well done I am sure it is all down to a lot of hard work on the part of Zero 88! Click Here Sam
  19. Been doinf some reading up in the manual and its says; Now whats with this because I can't remember but I think desks I have used before have had the group button- so why do we have to press F4? On the Phantom the group button is there but it doesn't work?? I'm confused 8O SAM
  20. This is just a feature I think would be very useful for the Phantom Frog. Would it be possible by pressing a keyboard short cut like ctrl+a (the windows shortcut for select all) to select all the faders that are up. Also another shortcut to unselect all would be helpful this coul be something like ctrl+u. I know you try and keep the Phantom as close to the actual desk it is just a bit annoying if you have to select them all inderviually and then unselect them all intervidualy. Thanks, Sam
  21. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to try out the Diablo! Whats it like, how does it compare to similar desks on the market and finally where is the cheapest place to get one, any where with any offers or bargains on atm?? Thanks, Sam
  22. Ok, I haven't actually tried this but I am pretty convinced that it will work! This is a cheap way of making a gooseneck light for your desk. Firstly you need a keyboard with a USB port in the back, if you have got one great- if not then you can get them quite cheaply but it will make the process slightly more expensive for you. This One Here for example has two USB ports on the keyboard and is only £23.74 inc. VAT. Then you need to get yourself a USB>PS2 adaptor. so you can plug it into the FROG. Next for the lighting Bit. You need to get yourself a USB Light like this one. They are only £2.11 inc. VAT!. If you have 2 USB ports on the back of your keyboard then you can get two! So wollah you now have 2 very cheap gooseneck lights (if you already have a Keyboard) and if you haven't you have got a cheaper gooseneck lights and a brand new keyboard! Tell me how it goes if you try it, Sam
  23. Yes indeed you can, Just for information; BRIGHTNES Wheel Group One- Dimmer COLOUR Wheel Group One- Colour BEAMSHAPE Wheel Group One- GoboRot--Sh/Res--GoboSe1 Wheel Group Two- FX Speed--Focus--Prism POSITION Wheel Group One- Pan--Tilt--MovSpeed Wheel Group Two- Effects--Size X--Size Y Wheel Group Three- Offset (%)--Rotn--Speed. You can always tell if there is more than one wheel group because the wheel group buttons LED will be illuminated. Hope this helps, Sam
  24. Jaime, Select the Ftixtures you want, then press Beam Shape in the Fixture Control area then press Wheel Group next to the first finger wheel until you see focus as an option on the Fixtures LCD, Hope this helps, Sam
  25. Are you using Mic Cable (XLR) instead of DMX? Th8is can apparently sometimes cause jerky fixture movement, Sam
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