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  1. Thanks for all your help so far Paul! So another thing say I had 2 Chilli 24s (16amps) for generics and a Chilli Pro 0410HF to control the sodiums and flories and they were all linked together via chillinet could I have on my wall panel (say 5 options) 2 memories from the 0410HF's (one for putting on all the sodiums and one for putting on all the florries) and 3 memories from the 2 24 channel dimmers (for different General Cover washes). Is it possible to mix and match like that?? Ta, Sam
  2. So if I had the 0410HF verisons could i connect these to my standard dimmers (if they were chillis) by the Chillinet concept?? Thanks for your help so far, Sam
  3. Hiya All, I have seen this post on the site by NZ and wanted some more explanation if possible! So would the following scenario be possible: If say i had 4 sets of Halogen and flourescent Working lights and a series of sodium Auditorium working lights (different from house the house lights which go through the dimmer) could I have wall panels (i.e. switches) to turn these on and off but also be able to turn them on/ off from the desk via DMX. Also would I be able to have wall panels that allow you to call up pre-programmed (saved on the dimmers not on the desk). For example General Cover for when we want to do workshops in there etc. etc. and can't be bothered to actually program anything! Also any other interesting/ useful features on the Chilli/ Chilli Pro range?? Thanks Sam
  4. Dont forget the new service from Peers Shepard- Stage Link! They host photos! Sam
  5. They are lovely desks, great support from the manufacturer and loads of great features which are very easy to pick up. A buncg of generics and the possbilility of some moving lights is the ideal situation to use a fat frog! Sam
  6. Another question, is there going to be a phantom frog II, its unlikly Ill get my hand on the desk when it comed out, for a while however I would like to play before. Sam
  7. My question is would a very comeptent Frog (1) user be able to work the basics (program a cue, patch etc) on a frog 2 if they were just plonked in front of the desk. Also I know this is a bit of a weird question but how long a products normally out before big hire companies (e.g. StaGE lx) pick them up and hire them out?? Sam
  8. Hiya, Someone on another forum brought the topic up and actually comming to think of it, it would be a very handy thing to do. If someone else has mentioned this before (I couldnt find anything) then appologies. At the moment you can only indervidualy save Beamshape/ Colour etc. on there own however on other boards you can actually select the atributes within these broad areas. For example you can just save the rotation to a sub. I hope you all get what i mean! The way this is implimented in the Pearl is that you only record any channel you have altered (played with). So if you only touch the rotation and the gobo then these are the only two saved. However if then you realise that you dont want to save the roation just the beamshape then you can just hold clear and tap the button under rotation. This feature could be turned on and off in super user. I hope I have made myself clear, please tell me if not. Thanks, Sam
  9. Hiya paul, I currently own a copy of WYSIWYG Design, can you explain to me how you would make this work if i upgraded the software and bought the dongle. WOuld I beable to use phantom and then it passes the data out through the dongle?? Thanks Sam
  10. The other way I would suggest is as follows: Set the board to Partial Programming (for really detailed instructions on how to set it and how to program using this sort of programming look in the manual RTFM!!). On Each sub page record a different thing. For example: Sub Page 1: Generic Colour Washes of stage Sub Page 2: Generic Specials (gobos etc. etc.) Sub Page 3: Positions for macs (and any other mls) Sub Page 4: Shape Generator Movements Sub Page 5: Gobos (macs/ mls) Sub Page 6: Rotating Gobos (macs/ mls) Sub Page 7: Colours for macs/ mls Sub Page 8: (Should really be at beginning but forgot!!) ML/ Macs brightness So basically you busk the show: For example the first part you have a host/ presenter come on and introduce the show so i would put up a nice generic colour wash of the stage, then put up the sub with the position information for where he/ she is standing, then put up that mls brightness. Therefore I would have a nice wash accross the stage and a spot on him. Next scene is a fast jazzy dance number, so I put in a nice red or something from the colours i have stored on page 7 then put up a movement effect (elipse/ figure of 8/ etc.) from page four and then select the fixtures i want to do it by putting their brightness up sorted on page eight. What if you want to say put up a red which is on sub 4 on page 7 and a figure of eight from page 4 sub 4?? Then put up the colour change the page to movement effects with the fader still up, take it down and back up again quickly and the movement effect will be played (and it will stay red) because all channels/ attributes for moving lights work on a LTP (Latest takes precedence) level so until told to do otherwise (ie back to open white or another colour) it will stay red. If you are clever however you could plan it out cleverley so if say one colour really doesn't go with one particular gobo and the you would put them on the same sub number (on each of there pages). I hope this makes sense to you. Another option if you just want the lights to go mad is the FROG FUNCTION (Fixture random output generator). This just makes them go mad and can be used with s2l. HTH Sam
  11. Yep, you got it down to a tee there really. Its the only half decent controller for that range. Sam
  12. I think your room looks very nice. Are you running a little preset controller and a dimmer for those lot?? Sam
  13. it would be nice to beable to do it on the desk though!! Sam
  14. you are probably best to keep your cyc fixtures on a submaster and just note on your cue sheet, with LX4 or whatever GO Memory (chase) 42 and RAISE Sub 1/1 Sam
  15. I think the frog is just what you are looking for, has all the cue stack functionality you need for your sermans and the ability to use on the fly. Its very user friendly! One recommendation i will make to you is definately use it with a monitor and keyboard, it makes it into a whole different desk! One thing to point out though will you need a bull frog- i.e. are you looking to up the amount of fixtures dramatically in the near future. You may get away with a fat frog or at the very least a leap frog?? something to think about Sam
  16. Fair enough thanks for answering, i know nothing about manufacturing anything really so it was just a random question Sam
  17. Z88 are great with their updates, to be honest I dont think i would have bought a frog when they first came out but now with all the new features definitely. Sam
  18. I know this may sound crazy but couldnt zero88 make orders to specification for instance you would have a basic frog II at £x then for LCD buttons you add £y, if you want another dmx universe its you addd £z etc. Sam
  19. or like the maxxyz turn the flash buttons into small text displays Sam
  20. good question- i dont know why i said black and red it was v late last night Sam
  21. Just an Idea but as after plasa there will be so much convosation about the new desk then why dont you guys start a new FROG II forum (all red and black and sleak). Or if you couldnt do that at least add a FROG II bit on here! justs saves us getting confused with our frogs! Sam
  22. ICE i think that the faders are submasters (or assignable to generic channels) as it has a numeric keypad. I imagine to program it will be like the Illusion: i.e. 1 THRU 6 @ 100%, 5 & 7 & 8 @ 75%, 1 @ FULL etc. etc. Sam
  23. if the shutter was controlled in the BRIGHTNESS part then you would not be able to assign a pallette to it as you can only use palletes when working with colour beamshape and position. Just a thought Sam
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