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  1. This would be a cool idea but something more likely to be included on frog 2 not the current versions simply because to do it without becoming too complicated it would probably need physical buttons on the desk. Still it would be possible to implement on the current range. Sam
  2. or the alternitive would be to program using palletes (say pallete one beamshape, pall 1 colour and pall 1 possition. Ohhh, so many options!! lol Sam
  3. I like desks with a fair few subs!! But mind you for smaller show I like having preset faders because they're easier and I like to do things visually. If I was controlling a 60 + generic rig I would go down the keypad option. Sam
  4. Any church I have been in (not that I am in churches at all really apart from weddings/ funerals) has only had normal domestic light fittings. Moving lights- well I would think they are a bit inappropriate (want you going to do have the macs sweeping the congragtion during an upbeat version of give me oil in my lamp lol, or maybe a roatating gobo on the vicar!). Some church's i've been in have pritty impresive sound set ups (radio mics, large 25 channel desks, loads of sourcfe equipment etc.) but as I say have never seen anysort of lighting other than domestic stuff. Sam
  5. ummm, would be useful- shouldn't this be in sugest a feature tho. If you are in Full mode couldn' you just stick the sub up, add in new light, save as memory, then tranfer without time. Sam
  6. A bit of uplighting and maybe some subtle colour is always nice in a church. Sam
  7. tone death basically means someone who cant sing or hear musical notes. It is often used to describe someone who is awful at singing!! NOT HELPFUL WHEN PUTTING ON A MUSICAL LOL Sam
  8. very good!!! I am currently dealing with tone death children and a band so that one made me laugh! Sam
  9. Its a great feature but you just cant learn about it through the manual (even though k-9's manual is great R.T.F.M) or through someone telling you. Sit down, have a propper play and you will soon learn that many more effects and shapes can be made. Sam
  10. I agree that you need to have different areas at different levels. The speaker needs to remain lit throughout so you may want that quite bright. When people go to pray you may want to lower the lighting of the whole church and when people sing again you would want brighter lighting. Sam
  11. Richard, I don't understand how this has any relevence to the topic? Did you mean to put this in the other thread (frogs and the future)? Sam
  12. So these programs, any chance of sharing the wealth with fellow frogians. Sounds like a very good if not slightly complicated way to do what you want. We can tell your a lighting techie, on such a person would take the intiative to make a program on a pc to sort a problem. Maybe in a later update this sort of idea could be included into the desks software. Sam
  13. Here we go this is why; K-9 in the FROG for Generics Discussion Sam
  14. I think If I am correct they experimented with this and they found that it didn't work very well. I am sure K-9 will comfirm this for me. Sam
  15. OK Sp, Will check it out. There are quite a few errors so I am planning to correct them all and bring a netter version out. Watch this space! Sam
  16. I have used Mac 500's (as you said same software as 918's), 4 linked together, latest software, quite a long cable run- No Problems!! Sam
  17. I didn't know about that either. Wow v handy feature! I have read the manual cover to cover- how did I miss that out! Thanks for pointing that one out Sam
  18. I love the fx genorator its a great feature to have for concert/ disco type rigs. Can someone explain the modes (i.e. reletive, fan first etc.) to me in a little more detail. Thanks, Sam
  19. Ok, This section has been empty for a while now so I thought I would start off the 1st Thread; "Funniest Venue or Event?" So what is the funniest venue or event you have ever worked on or in?? I'll start us off; I was asked if I could help light a fair/ fate so I arrived thinking it was going to be a big event, ended up it was in someones back garden and about 30 people turned up to the fate. An afternoon best forgotten. Over to you; Sam
  20. Yes dual monitor support would be good though I doubt it could be implemented without adding another monitor port at the back and also doing a medium sized rewrite of the software. Sam
  21. Ok, yes sorry I was having a bit of a blonde moment when I wrote the post. And of course, what was I thinking, speed would have no bearing!! OK- Now I am back on the same planet, I don't think there is anyway of doing this! Appologies for confusion, Sam
  22. Flash?? Whats the differenece between flashing and turning on and off quickly?? Flashing is in effect strobing. You could program a chase where the lights were on on the 1st step and off on the 2nd step, and set the drive to bass (plus speed it up). Don't really get what you mean, am I right? Sam
  23. Another one best left to its own language!! Sam
  24. Ok completly thrown by thw whole thing!! Obviously is just a joke best saved for the German Language!!! lol Sam
  25. In one of the earlier updates the Snap/ Fade values were not shown in the columns (due to a bug) but you could still see it on the lcd. Maybe this is your problem Sam
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