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  1. I love it guys, I dont want this to turn into some sort of speach or rant or anything but can I just say how impressive I think zero88 as a company are. This project has developed very quickly and you have listened to what your customers want. I hope the desk turns out to really brilliant and I am very sad that I dont think I will beable to see it at plasa (as i will not be there.) Keep up the excelent work Sam
  2. yep, appologies for that it was a type o, just havent got round to doing errors yet Sam
  3. Will you be in the pub as normal?? Sam
  4. So will we be seeing a prototype of the desk at plasa or just a product spec and price. If we are getting a prototype will people get a chance to do hands on demos etc. Sam
  5. OK, Well this isnt great but it is soemthing to start with at least! I have only really started to use it and so its not that amazing, I cant make the image smaller so here is a link!! http://imagehost.5gigs.com/uploads/design%20promo2.jpg more will follow when I have a bit more of a play and I will render some as well! Sam
  6. Yes, I like the look of the Sirius 500- it looks like a very modern desk for its era. I hav never used one (although I have used a Sirius 48). Why did it get discontinued?? and when?? It looks from the picture like it had a very similar sort of layout and setup to The Frog desks! Sam
  7. I'll see if I can knock something up on WYSIWYG (my new toy- lol) for you and post images here!!! Will have a plkay arround as soon as I get some time!! Sam
  8. ohh yeah and dont forget to ask the noise boys for an audio feed to go into the frog cause that way you should be able to create some v slick chases!! Sam
  9. Personally, I would put your 2 160 xt's on the floor (sl and sr) casue that should give you a good effect and will allow you to side light the group and well as doing audiance stuff as well. I think the Pars at the front is a good idea as that will create a base for the rest of the design and keep there faces lit! You have got some really nice kit and so I am sure you will bebale to create some amazing effects. If anything though I would try and use a few more generic lanterns (like pars (if I remember correctly- you have quite a few and another multidim dimmer!) to maybe backlight- that way you could add some more colour!! Sam
  10. umm, I was using the effects gen. this weekend on a very short cable run and I seemed to get v. jerky movement. Sam
  11. In short to program a chase hold down the memory type button. IF a monitor is attached then a blue box will appear, if not then you will get similar options on the LCD. Set up the first step of the chase and then press the PROGRAM button. It will automatically move on to the next step, again set up and press PROGRAM. When you are finished you can set the options like colour/ beamshape and position snap or fade. Once this is done you can set the modifiers (like drive, speed, direction) using the buttons below the mem type button. When you are done press FINISH. If you have the latest version of software you will be able to set n-shots and change the speed live. N-Shots allow the chase to run a certain amount of times which can be very useful. In addition the desks can take an audio feed which when drive is set to bass allows the case to run with the audio feed. For more info definitely read the manual. It may seem daunting at first but you will pick up loads of shortcuts that you won't work out if you just played with the desk to learn about it! Sam
  12. I am not 100% but I would guess using my knowledge of the board that it is not possible! I am sure K-9 and all the other regualrs (paul, heytach, ice etc.) will beable to give you more explanation. Sam
  13. The FROG series (Frog, Fat Frog, Leap Frog and Bull Frog) all work with the same layout, the same capabilities (apart from the ammount of fixtures and channels), Same software and same outputs etc. etc. The Mambo Frog is different as it has SX's. So to directly answer your question yes the Frog does have a keyboard input. As for a Mouse, No none of the FROG series has this capability, you navigate around using the + - < > buttons and if a keyboard is plugged in using the arrow keys. You an also jump to memories by entering the memory number and then pressing enter or the return key. In many ways this makes it easier not having a mouse, but maybe that is just personal preference. I believe, if I am correct the Illusion has a option for a mouse! I would highly recomend the Frog and Fat Frog to you, not only are they great desks with easy functionality but I think it would be a great idea to have a Frog for the studio and a Fat Frog for the Main Theatre. This way you wouldn't have to train your inhouse techs to use 2 different desks. You would teach them the Fat Frog and then they would feel at home right away with a Frog. Sam
  14. Hi all, OK, Well I am Sam! I mainly do Stage Management as that is what I prefer however I do do lighting and always with a trusty fat frog in toe! I am a bit of an internet freak really 8O as you can probably see from all my posts and I am the Marketing and PR guys for UKSLC. Its the UK Sound and Lighting Community and we provide a technical resource for technicians in the entertaiment industry and DJ's alike! Anyway- Thats about it from me, Sam
  15. The Fat Frog is sooo much easier than a sirius (I have used both heavily). This is mainly because it has a monitor which allows you to see lots of information and break away from the siruses tiny LCD's. I really recomend this desk to you- its a cracker, you will find your techs going from what would take you 6 hours on a sirius to 2/3 hours on a frog!! Sam
  16. ahh yes- like the sirius 24/48- that a key switch to change from PRESETS ONLY to PROGRAM to RUN. I dont like the idea- having to hop back and forth! Intigrate it into one system (not seperate). Moving back to seperatr ones would be taking a step back in technology. Sam
  17. Hi all, I am no good at creating paintshop stuff however as for the name I love ICE88! It just is catchy, cool (both ways), and smooth. How about this for a slogon; Ice88 Its just sooo cool! (or maybe not lol) Sam
  18. These things are spreading fast!! If you watched the 10 o'clock news the other night when some football fans were interviewed they suddenly burst out into the badger football song. You never know this may be released as a football anthem (its better than that come on england and all together now rubbish!) Sam
  19. ICE does sound cool, however I think that you cant call it ice and make it red. Also red looks a bit busy- go blue (Pale) thats nice Sam
  20. As in this plasa comming??? OMG Thats quick!!! Can I ask were you investigating the possiblity of Frog II before it was brought up on here??? Also I think it needs a better name than Frog II, its going to be new so give it a fresh new name?? Maybe a competition is in order?? SAM
  21. Is it even worth reading if K-9 didnt wrote it??? So when can we expect your next murder mystery K-9?? lol Sam
  22. And when could this be?? Sam
  23. indeed!! I would have been very worried if I thought he came up with that himself- deap childhood pains etc. etc. S
  24. That comes from Austin Powers (the oriignal!). It is said whilst doctor evil and scot are in theorpy! Great film, love Mike Myres! Sam
  25. ahh, one of my fave films- There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking, I suggest you try it. Oh god- did I just say that outloud?? Sam
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