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  1. I've had the exact same problem on my Bully. I tried switching the pins etc and couldnt get anything to work. I eventually had to just ballance them half in.
  2. Well I think its a good idea. Mayby next to the black out button. One that says FLASH. Thats one of the small features I like about the Hogs.
  3. What do you think? I for one would love an audience blind button on the desks in the future. Custom patching to whatever you want to use. Cheers, Dmxeater
  4. Hi there. I've had my bully for about 3 years now and i've just invested in some desk lights. I can sometimes get them to work if they are loosly balenced in the back, but as soon as the XLR clicks, you get nothing. They are very tempremental. They were about £30 each and i have checked them over and all seems well. Also it sometimes resets the desk when wobbling the connecter. Any ideas ? Kind Regards, Stuart
  5. Hi there. How can i edit a personality from the fixture list ? I think the problem is they are all stored in one file. I want to edit some paremeters on the PR solo 250 but cannot because it says load failed. Cheers, stu
  6. Hi would anybody possibly be able to create a driver for the Pearl River Solo 250 ? I have tried to do this using the fixture creater but I cannot get it to work ! http://www.pr-lighting.com/eng/solo250dmx.html Many thanks, Dmxeater
  7. Ah ok i was asked this the other day and i thought that the new update would make this possible. Thankyou regards, dmxeater
  8. Is there a way of usuing a keyboard to select the lamp/channel ??
  9. I agree, it would be a huge task ! What about 'virtual PC' ? That might work ?!
  10. Hi, I have got a apple mac and i was wondering if there was any ideas about software for mac because they seem to be used for this kind of creative use. I was thinking of inperticular the phantom frog software because you could use the split screen function on macs and put the output screen on the other monitor. This was just an idea, very impresssed with everything Frog ! regards, stuart
  11. Is there any program that will let you do this ? I checked the download bit but am slightly unsure! any help ? stuart
  12. Ah, ok i think i see. Will this mess up in anyway how you would program a sub ? thanks for the help
  13. Hi, Say you have a scanner doing something on its own, and say you put it on 'sub 1', and then you put a blue parcan on its own on 'sub 2'. If you put 'sub 1' up, and then you put up 'sub 2' as well, the scanner wouldn't work ??? Sorry, I really can't phrase it any better !! Does anybody have any ideas to solve this ?
  14. i have some movers and i wanted to know how i could tell them to open shutter pointing down, then work up to the celling, then close shutter. i want to put up the sub, then it would just do this quick bit ! so is this a chase or a scene and how would i do it ?? Thanks, stu
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