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DMX value on a submaster

Guest janvh

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I use a strobe of JB systems Light FL1800DMX


I whant to use a submaster to assignthe dmx value of my strobe.


is it possible to stick a Variable DMX value (0%-100%) on a submaster.


i can use the submaster only for triggering a movement or to trigger a memory.


can some one give me an answer


Friendly regards


Jan VH

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I think the strobe you refer to has 2 DMX control channels - one for rate, and one for intensity.


I'm assuming you have a desk which can handle LTPs - Fat Frog, Leap Frog, Bull Frog or Mambo Frog.


If you have created a fixture personality for this strobe which assigns the intensity control channel be HTP (Highest Takes Precedance), then the rate control channel must be LTP (Last Takes Precedance), as each fixture is only permitted to have 1 HTP channel.


The submaster fader varies only the HTP output channels. The LTP output channels are triggered to their programmed values when the submaster fader crosses the programmed LTP trigger level.


If you want the submaster fader to vary the rate of your strobe, then in your fixture personality you will have to assign the rate to be HTP control. If you also want the intensity to be HTP control, then you will have to control the strobe as 2 fixtures. Alternatively, and this will work on a Frog (which doesn't have LTPs) too, use 2 of the generic control channels to control your strobe.

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Dear sirs,

Does anybody knows how to assign at least one more HTP channel to a fixture in addition to a "brightness" attrribute?

We've installed a mixed (dimmers+moving) lighting system for night venue with 10 moving spots under BullFrog control.

Some invited light designers ask me to explain how they can assign a common for all fixtures attribute to a submaster with a propotional to a fader movement changing, e.g. gobo rotation speed or amount of "cyan" or "magenta" for CMY wash fixture.

Our trials to assign a HTP status for choosed fixture control channel followed to nothing - I've understood that only 1 HTP channel for each fixture is allowed - the "brightness", all other channels have always LTP status.

Could you help me with this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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This simply can't be done. It's impossible to program only C/M/Y values or gobo's etc. onto a submaster since you can't program on attribute level. There are some more topics here about transparant programming, you should read them to understand what the desk can / can't do.

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At present, a fixture can only have a single "Brightness" parameter.


In the future, we may look at changing this limitation, but this impacts significantly on the processor loading of the desks, due to the HTP nature of the mixing.


Allowing more than one "Brightness" parameter will require changes in both the desk software and the fixture editing utilities which are used to produce the fixture personality files.


Frog Reference 5411 - Allow more than one HTP parameter to be defined in Brightness for a fixture.

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You could program the state/scene you require (for example, fixtures 1-4 go to blue) either directly to the submaster or by programming a memory and transferring it to the submaster.


Raising the submaster will result in the fixtures going blue when the fader passes the LTP trigger level.


The submaster fader will only control the brightness parameter of the fixtures (HTP), but the colour parameter(s) will be triggered once on passing the trigger level (LTP action).


You cannot assign a single colour, or any other LTP channel to a submaster fader - the submaster faders only control the generic and fixture brightness channel levels (HTP) and trigger the LTP data.

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I would like to be able to just change one channel for my Martins and have that on a submaster. Here is what I would like


I have a submaster for my Martins pulled up for a GOBO, COLOUR and POSITION. Then I would like to be able to just adjust/jump one channel for a strobe speed or something like that without changing any other attribute. Is this possible?


Right now I use the wheels and it can be pretty touchy trying to go to what you want quickly.

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I think there's possibly 2 issues here...


Firstly, you can't currently program down to parameter level (do a search for Frog Reference 5402 to see the many discussions on this).


Secondly, you can't control the level of an LTP channel with a submaster fader.

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In short, I think the answer to your question is no.


The position of the submaster fader determines the output level of the HTP channels (dimmer channels and fixture brightness parameters) programmed in the submaster.


LTP channels (fixture colour, beamshape and position parameters) programmed in the submaster are triggered when the submaster is raised past the LTP trigger level.

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what do you mean? I have been getting ltp parameters out of my subs....there's an ltp trigger level.....


do you mean it's impossible to record just one parameter on a sub? didn't I just read that there's a way to output just the color, or beam, or position info to a memory?


peace, Tim Olson

AV Concepts

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so in other words, I can record one parameter in a memory, and set the sub to play back just that parameter, but the only option I have is to play it with the timing in the memory or with no timing at all.


I thought I read that if you put no timing in the memory, the sub would execute manually. apparently this is only for HTP levels. This means you can get either a faded or a snap exectution of the parameter - yes?


I'm still in the dark about how to tag just one parameter


peace, Tim

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From version 9 software onwards, the fade times on submasters can be programmed to whatever you like, regardless of whether the sub contains a transferred memory or channel data. For LTP parameters, it is the 'LTP Fade Time' that you need to adjust. You also need to make sure the action for the appropriate attribute (colour/beamshape/position) is set to 'Fade'. When the submaster fader is raised above the 'LTP Trigger Level', the fade is started.


Full details of tagging individual parameters are given in the Software Release Notes for version 10 software.

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