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If you change the desk setup in Super-User, then the desk has to suspend calculation of DMX outputs for a short time while it rearranges its internal workings. In effect it runs the "Reset DMX" function of Super-User.


On early Frogs and Fat Frogs (STMain1/1B main board), this has the effect of generating a DMX stream full of zeros for a short time.


On all later desks (STMain2 main board), this has the effect of stopping the DMX stream for a short time.


If you have an early Frog or Fat Frog, you might want to pull out the DMX plug while you're in Super User to prevent it from sending zeros to your moving lights. With no DMX, most moving lights will hold their last values. Dimmers can usually be set to hold last values or fade to black.


You can tell if you've got an STMain1/1B or STMain2 main board by looking at the position of the floppy disk drive on the back panel. If it's an STMain1/1B, the drive is next to the DMX connectors. If it's an STMain2, the drive is next to the Power in connector.


Hope this answers your question. If not, please let us know which type of desk you have and which version of software you're running.



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