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Extracting Fixtures from the Zero 88 Fixture Library File


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I'm having trouble trying to edit the fixture file for the Futurelight SC-780. The one that you guys wrote causes the fixture to reset everytime you Home it. I'm not complaining about that, I appreciate that it isn't possible for you guys to test every fixture file with the relevant fixture.


So I thought I would pop in and edit but every time I try to load any of your .ift files, gt8_06.ift for example, using the Fixture Type Editor it tells me there is an error as there are no user fixture types in the file. Is it not possible to edit fixture files that you have written? If it is what am I missing???? I really don't want to have to start from scratch and write a new file.


Thanks in advance.

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If you wish to edit one of the fixture types which are in our fixture library and modify it to your own requirements, you need to do the following:


Using the Fixture Type Editor -

  • fixture type file.
    Import the fixture type you wish to modify by selecting File - Import Fixture Type.
    Select the fixture library file (eg gft8_06.ift)
    Select the fixture type you wish to modify.
    Modify the fixture data as required
    Save fixture type to a new user fixture type file.

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  • 2 months later...

hi all,


I was originally looking for a file that would give me a list of fixtures currently supported. When I didnt find anything obvious on the website it seemed a fine plan to download the fixture type editor and the latest file and use that to check.


The editor downloaded fine and installed a "Common Fixture Type Editor" and a "Fixture Type Editor". I then downloaded the "Frog Range Fixture Data - Release 9.03 (June 2003) (500 kb)" file - a file called gft9_03.ift


If I double click the file the Fixture Type editor opens and says that this isnt a User Fixture type File. If I open it in the Common Fixture Type Editor there are only a few entries and not the ones I would normally expect in the CFTfile...


I've downloaded the file a second time and tried a variety of ways of opening it but still no joy!


Any help greatly appreciated!





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Another way of viewing the fixture types in the fixture library file is to use the Common Fixture Type Editor (CFTE) as follows:


Start the CFTE program.

Click on OK to get rid of the 'getting started' popup window.

Select Edit - Insert

Select the fixture library file, eg gft9_03.ift.


All the fixture types are then displayed in a separate window in manufacturer order.

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Is there a way to get the fixture data out of the original Zero88 one ?

my Type Fixture Editor says there is an error opening gft11_00.ift


"This is not a user type fixture file"


I´m looking for a way to reconfigure Fixture type files this should be faster then making a new one every time I come in contact with new fixtures.



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You cannot open the Zero fixture library file directly using the Fixture Type Editor, but you can extract fixture types from the Zero 88 Fixture Library File, as follows:


Start the Fixture Type Editor


Select the Creating a new (empty) fixture type file.


Select File and then select the Import Fixture Type option from the menu.


Select the Zero 88 fixture library file.


You should then be able to extract the fixture(s) you require from the library into the Fixture Type Editor.


You can then modify them as required and save the new fixture data to a new user fixture type file.

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If the wheel groups are not specifically set up in the fixture type data file, the desk will automatically assign the fixture parameters to their respective wheel groups in the order that they appear in the fixture file.


Therefore, if I create a new fixture type which has for example, a colour wheel and Cyan, Magenta and Yellow parameters, I will always enter Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and colour wheel parameters in that order (regardless of which DMX channel they may be on).


When the fixture type is loaded onto the desk - Colour wheel group 1 will be Cyan, Magenta and Yellow; wheel group 2 will contain the colour wheel.


The exception is the Position parameters, where Pan and Tilt are always assigned to the thumb wheel and first finger wheel respectively in Position wheel group 1.


So, basically, that would be a YES :lol:

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What you need to do is to create a blank User Fixture Type and then import the existing fixture file from the global library (gft) using the File, Import menu. This will allow you then to edit the fixture type to include whatever changes you require and then to save the User Fixture Type (uft) file for loading to a floppy disk.


If you note any errors in the main gft file, please do let us know so that we can include them in future library updates.







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Can somone help? i can seem to open the fixture list in the fixture editor, it just says error. i have tryed re downloading the fixture list and even re downloaded and installed the editor. they apear to be working fine it just wont open the damn list! i need to open it to export the profiles for robe 250xt wash and spot to a sirius 250 desk. can somone help either by fining out why it wont open or sending me the profiles i need,





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i can open the fixture in the fixture manager and see its name etc but is there any way i can get it into the editor so i can save it into a file that i can use on the 250 ? i just can seem to get it to a format that will open in the editor to use the export to sirus featre

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Are you using Common Fixture Type Manager? The program you should be using is Fixture Type Editor... i've just tried it on my version and the method is as follows:


-File, Import Fixture Type

-Select library, then select required fixtures

-Fixtures are loaded into the editor

-Press File, Export Sirius UFT

-Save file

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  • 1 year later...

Hello !


I´ve download the fixture library 18 and i´ve got some problem. When i open the library it shows the error: This is not a user fixture typefile.

Can anybody help me ? Have anyone the fixture JB Vary LED 84 ?

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I am assuming you are using the Fixture Type Editor.


When you start the application select the "Creating a New (Empty) Fixture Type File.


You should then be able to import the fixture type(s) you require from the fixture library as follows ...


Select File - Import Fixture Type then locate and open the fixture library file. Select the fixture type(s) you require.


Edit the fixture data if necessary and then save to a new user fixture type file.

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