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Patching a DMX address multiple times


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Why was this functionality removed from the Zero consoles? Our older Sirius has no problem patching different DMX addresses multiple times to different faders, and I kinda liked the feature. For example; when using a few different bars of PARs I like to group certain colours. Now I can use a submaster for this purpose, but as I use these groups quite often I tend to program them in each bank. It would be a lot easier if I could also program these groups in one of the channelfaders. I don't really get why this functionality was dropped, if there was a good reason; then what was it?

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The Sirius Desk can and I guess it wouldn't hurt anyone if it was possible right. I don't really get why this feature wasn't programmed anymore.


The Sirius couldn't do this either. The only difference with Sirius was that you could program up to 512 DMX channels (ie. all of them) to a single fader. Each DMX channel could only be controlled by one fader, but each fader could control multiple channels... the same as the Frog range.


You get into all manner of additional processing overhead if you have to mix multiple desk channels to a single DMX channel, especially when you start to get into fades, chases etc.


The limit of 10 was put into place in part due to the screen layouts, as it made the console usable. So far, we haven't had much negative feedback about the maximum number of duplicates.

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Ok than I was misinformed, I'm sorry. My boss told me that it was possible on a Sirius so I wondered why that functionality was dropped. I understand it's a lot of work to implement such a thing, too bad but I'll just use the submasters than I guess. Thanks anyway!

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is it possible to patch the same output to more than one fader

say fader one controls outputs 3,5,7 and fader two controls 1,5,8

if possible then with board in wide mode channels 1-24 could be patched

as normal and 25-48 could be patched as basic scenes giving you more options with your show while using your subs for your automated lights

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I've been thinking about this, and if you really needed to patch multiple channels to a single fader, you could bodge it like this:

Providing your dimmers have both DMX and Analogue connections, you could connect a Demux to the DMX line, address it at 49 (or whatever) and patch those addresses to the desk channels. Then connecting each line from the Demux to the dimmers would give you two individual channels both capable of controlling the same dimmer.


Its not a solution, but it would work.

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You get into all manner of additional processing overhead if you have to mix multiple desk channels to a single DMX channel...


Does that mean it is physically impossible for the frogs to do this, or a possibility for future update?

I'd really like to be able to group a load of source 4s together onto one preset fader so I could use them regardless of submaster page, but still retain the ability to control them individually. Currently I can't do this (right? :? ).



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If you patch a generic (dimmer) channel to more than one DMX address then the corresponding preset fader will output the same value to all those DMX addresses.


It is not possible to control multiple DMX addresses from a fader AND still have individual control of each of the channels.

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ive been trying to patch a gen channel to a fixture channel but i doesnt do what i want

ive programmend fixture 1 to channel50, wen i try to patch channel 25 to channel 50 ,it goes to the nearest empty channel(67)

isnt it possible to program this?

greetz marco

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no doensnt help

im using the leapfrog. and what im trying is to set the gen ch 25 to pan and ch26 to tilt of fixture 1, 27 and 28 to fixture 2, for quicker programming positions for movingheads without selecting and unselecting then in the fixture controle, but stil also to control them with the tumpwheels, if already patch fixture 1 to channel 50, and also want to patch gen 25 to channel 50 and 26 to channel 52. then rest of the fixture contols i use the pallets/tumpwheels,


if i goes what i want ,i should see in the manuel patch screen someting like this

channel 26 : 50

channel 27 : 52

channel 28 : 70

channel 29 : 72

fixture 1 : 50

fixture 2 : 70



greetz marco

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I am very new to the lighting scene, and I am in need of a little help.


I have been playing with our Fat Frog, and I have figured out how to program the memories, submasters, chases and scenes.

Where I am stuck is I have hired in 20 Chroma-Q Colour Splits for a function, and have assigned them as fixtures ("RGB dimmers" as I dont have a profile for them) and set the DMX addresses in the Desk Setup (50 through 105).


Is it possible to use the channel faders to control them (like Generics) and so program them into a chase or scene this way, or do you need to use the wheels to do this (it takes ages to program). I have my house lights on channels 1 to 10 and 15amp production sockets hard-wired in the alcoves (11 to 48).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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