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At the moment there are no plans for an Off Line Editor (OLE) for the Jester, the idea has been logged for future consideration though:


JES-547 - Offline Editor


The background on Phantom Frog is, that the Frog series software was developed using Phantom Frog before the hardware was available. Such was the demand for an OLE for that product (which you'll see if you look at the Phantom Frog forum), that we decided to release what we pretty much already had.


Back to the Jester, the software for that was developed using the hardware itself, hence we don't already have something lurking in the background ready to give away I'm afraid.


But as with all other things, we're a business, and if you can convince us that investing some effort in it will yield some commercial benefit, then we'll look at it.

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I have got a Jester Zero 88 Desk, and i think it would be good for small theatre's and any people who own a jester desk, to be able to edit, or programme a show in the comfort of their own home, i have used multiple desks, i have even got an ETC ION desk, which comes with an offline software, it just makes it a lot easier and less time consuming if you had a offline editor/programmer for the jester Zero 88. Many schools in my local area, have purchased these desks, and have asked around for a software... Creating a software will have many comercial benefits, as people would like to buy the desk as it comes with a software that you can do at home then just upload to the desk! This will benefit you as a business.





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