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yes and no ?!?!


Yes to get a DBO simply pull down the Grand master is great, but then to plot you need to have recorded the black out in as a scene, before you can raise the Master again to start entering the new state from black.


It is also partly to do with the fact that when you record the recorded state becomes the output state. Once a scene is set up on the faders it swuld be very useful to have a RUN STATE 0 button. This would have the effect of clearing the playback yet leaving the fader output intact making is so much quicker when you are trying to plot a long scene where maybe only one fade (or sub) is changing by a small degree each que, (Even more useful if the fade or sub in question is need Down by say 10%).


I know it can be achieved on edit, but try telling the LC that, who want's to see it all yesterday


Does that help any?


It may be easier if you call me if I still sound as if I am talking in some strange Jersey Patwa.



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