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A Brief History of the Frog Series


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...split from here and updated.




I doubt if the following lists everything which has been added or improved since Version 1 but it should cover the major functional upgrades to the software. The original Frog Range was just the Frog and Fat Frog desks. Since then we have added the Bull Frog, Leap Frog and Mambo Frog desks and the Frog Box replay unit.


Version 3

Partial Programming of memories and submasters to fixture level.

Colour, Beamshape and Position palettes added.

Naming of memories, submasters, palettes and fixture groups from external keyboard.

Multiple fixture selection of different fixture types.

LED indication of tagged and primary fixture selection.

Automatic triggers on memories.

Dwell Times on memories.

Monitor screens added.

Ability to change Common Fixture Types on desks.


Version 4

This was the first version of software which supported the new Bull Frog and Leap Frog desks.

24 Intelligent Fixtures.

DMX patching to 1024 channels on two universes.


Version 5

This was the first version of software which supported the new Frog Box replay unit. The features added for the Frog Box were also included in the Frog Series of desks.

Real Time Triggers on memories .

Jumps in the memory stack.

Configurable remote switches.

Home function down to attribute level.


Version 6

This was the first version of software which supported the new Mambo Frog desk.


Version 7

Partial recording down to attribute level (colour,beamshape,position).

Improved movement effect generator including offsets and rotation.

Fixture editing modes added (includes the 'fan function').

Numeric entry of values from external keyboard.


Version 8

SMPTE/MIDI timecode, CAN and Frog Screen support added for Frog Box.


Version 9

Beat Drive modifier for Chases.

Live Adjustment of Chase Modifiers (Direction, Attack, Drive, Speed).

Pan/Tilt Reverse and Pan/Tilt Swap Functions for fixtures.

Submaster pages increased from 9 to 20.

Fade Times and LTP actions editable on submasters/SXs programmed with channel data or transferred memory.

Submaster/SX names displayed on main LCD.

N-Shot Chases - new parameter which determines how many times the chase runs when triggered.

Palette Lock Function.

Edit Blind Function (Memories, Submasters, SX Buttons).

Additional keyboard functionality.


Version 10

Partial recording down to individual parameter level.


Grab mode for brightness channels.

Duplicate fixture patching.

Virtual Intensity support for fixtures.

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