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Demux 24 to Rackmaster 660?


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I got an Demux 24 and want them to control 4x Rackmaster 660s. Is this possible? Since the rackmaster has a 7pin DIN male and the output from the demux 24 is 8 pin DIN male. Can this be solved? The front of the dimmers says pin 7 is for 20v. What is that needed for?

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Providing the Rackmaster660 is configured for 0 to +10V voltage input (check it's user manual HERE), then yes you can do this. You also need to make sure that the Demux24 is set for positive output voltage (the default).


If I remember correctly, the Rackmaster 660 has an XLR input connector, so you'll need to make up some adaptor leads to the DIN outputs from the Demux24. The +20V is for powering control desks, however the Demux24 does not need this so it should be left unconnected.

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