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Unfortunately there arent many actual keyboard shortcuts for the Phantom Frog application. The F1 to F4 keys replicate those on the desk, and the keyboard itself works when naming etc. + and - are replicated by the vertical arrow keys, whilst < and > are replicated by the horizontal keys. Contrl+F1 thru F6 replicate the external triggers on the 8 pin DIN. Finally, with Scroll Lock disabled, the ENTER button acts as a GO button.




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If you plug in the keyboard to the back of the desk BEFORE plugging the desk into the mains then you can,


press F2 and then press the memories button to name a memory

press F2 and then press a submaster button to name a submaster

Press F2 and then hold down an attribute (colour, beamshape etc) to name a pallet

press F1 and then press memories, submaster, output or an attribute to lock the monitor to that screen.

when on the memories, type a memory number and then press enter twice to go to that memory





One thing i do is program the memories to the channels of dimming eg.


memory 1 is channel 1 at full

memory 2 is channel 2 at full



and then you can just type in the number of the channel you want to focus and press enter twice.



I save that on a seperate floppy so i can have it anytime

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