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Tagging Matrixes


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I like selective tagging down to channel level.


However I miss to store and use stored tagged informations.


e.g. just to store pan, tilt, color. or effects like ellipse .... combinations of colour, pan, tilt



I am thinking about an additional Desk Setup point to extend the Fixture Group button.

on / off extend Group Button Tagging.



off: Group Button works as up to 10.9

on: Group Button stores the Fixtures and all the tagged Channels when stored.


using the Group Pallet will tag all the stored Channels, and untag all the not stored Channels.



(also Generic tag information are stored there)


e.g. Group Pallete 1 is containing only Generics 1..12

e.g. Group Pallete 2 is containing only Generics 13..48

e.g. Group Pallete 4 is containing Fixture 1..24 all channels

e.g. Group Pallete 5 is containing Fixture 1..24 only color channels ...

e.g. Group Pallete 6 is containing Fixture 1..24 only pan tilt


e.g. Group Pallet 20 is containing Fixtuere 1..6; Generics 1..12


it is also allowed to store no tagged informations meaning only the Fixture "Button" itself

is stored


e.g. Group Pallet 23 Fixture odd (without any tag)

e.g. Group Pallet 24 Fixture even (without any tag)



Programming Memories, Subs, Palletes will go like:


Creating the Picture you like

Press and hold Group Button, and [5] Button

( chose destination Submaster / Memory)

[Programm] Button will only store color channels

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