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Allow me to swap fixture addresses.


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I just took this board on a long US club tour (1000 seatls on average).


In some of the clubs their gear was identical to mine and instead of hanging my gear I wanted to just change my patch addresses to match thiers. BUT!!!


I may be mistaken, but when I re-patched the address of an instrument, it blew it out of the palletes, and the queues. AAARGH.


Allow me an option to NOT erase the pallates and queues when simply changing the address of a fixture. This will make it much easier for me to take over a club system and get my show out of it. also, dip switches die from time to time, and fixtures need new addresses... Forcing me to re-program everything in a fixture cause it's address had to change is BAD form.



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Simply repatching a fixture to a different DMX address should not have any affect on the fixture data already programmed in the memories, submasters and palettes; if it does then this is a bug. We will be looking into this.


However if you were to unassign the fixture, reassign it (even to the same fixture type) and repatch it, this would affect the programmed fixture data - CLICK HERE for further details.

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I'm having an issue with my Fat Frog in version 10.8. I have a show I normally use High End Studio Spot 250's and have several palettes for static pan and tilt positions. I changed fixtures this year to Studio Spot 575's, I kept everything the same as all I did was assign the 575 in place if the 250's and updated the patching. Now NONE of my movement palettes will work. The board shows the palettes are still programed but when I go to activate them the lights dont move at all, they just stay in the home position. I can control the light manualy so everyting else if fine on that end. Did I loose all my palettes??? Is this a bug or is it just by design???? PLEASE HELP!!!! Using Desk in Full mode.

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If you unassign fixtures and then assign the same fixture buttons to a new fixture type, you are effectively deleting the old fixture types from the show data on the desk. Consequently all the data stored for those fixture types in memories, submasters and palettes is deleted from the show file.


The newer Leap Frog 48/96 and Frog2 desks have functions that allow you to swap fixture types and the desk will try and copy as much data as possible from the old fixture to the new fixture.

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