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gobo control - absolute values


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am i right in thinking that when I set a gobo (including rotation position) with an absolute value that the gobo should return to the same position? Its programmed onto a submaster if that makes any difference.


I am finding that my gobos do not return to the exact orientation which is not really suitable for a text gobo. Is there anything I should look at? The fixtures are robe moving heads (possibly clubscans?)






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Hi Brian


Most moving heads have two sets of Gobo values you can dial in - the "Indexing" value or the "Rotating" value. You need to make sure you're using the Indexing version if you want them to return to the exact same orientation. It is, of course, possible that the fixture itself has a fault or simply isn't capable of this function.


Hope this helps,




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Under the Gobo wheel, the first time you see the gobos (say DMX values 0-127) they will be indexing, and the second time you see them (say 128-255) they will be rotating. Depends on the exact fixture for the details - have a read of the fixture user manual for more information.



Hope his helps,





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