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Programming a Chase on a Submaster

robert morley

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I have i big problem,

i am working for a show and have been landed with the lights because our lamipe has walked out.

Cn somebody please -e-mail me on the following e-mail address how to programme a chase to a submaster please.

can you also do it in laymans terms because i am thick.

Bsicly i need a chace from the moles (blinders) from left to right i have all ready put them in to the faders on the top row, so i have 4 blinders in the desk on diffrent channels so please help.

Ps its a fat frog.


PPS i am not able to check this website today so this is why i have asked you kind people to e-mail me

thanks in advance.


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Not sure if anyone emailed you the other day, most of the Zero 88 team were at PLASA.


The basic steps to do what you want are:


- Select a blank memory. Hold the Memory Type button for a couple of seconds until the Chase LED next to it lights.


- Set up the look for your first step and press Program. Repeat for subsequent steps. Bear in mind when you proram a step it will output on the Playback X, so if you don't want this adding to subsequent steps, then lower the Playback X fader.


- When you're done, use the arrow keys to move down to the chase 'modifiers' (speed, direction etc) and the chase will run (make sure the Playback X fader is up now). Set the speed, direction etc, and then press Enter.


- Transfer the chase to a submaster using the Transfer No Time button.


If you need more specific details these are all in the manual, but hopefully the above will give you a brief overview of where you need to go.

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