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Fade in time for a chase


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I have a FAT FROG and i have a question. When i have made a chase with som mowing lights and then put it down to a submaster and want it to start when raising the sub fader it dosent start right away. It takes about 3 seconds before it starts.

I have set the LTP fade time to 0. What do i do do wrong.





from Norway

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If you want the chase to start as soon as the submaster is raised, then you need to also set the Fade Up and Fade Down times to 0. You get this by default if you use the 'Transfer No Time' button rather than the 'Transfer With Time' button, when transferring the chase memory to the submaster.

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You need to set the fade times on the submaster, not on the chase memory, since the times programmed on the submaster override those on the chase memory.


If you're still having trouble, please attach a copy of your showfile so that we can take a look at it.

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