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I'm preparing for a show, and we have a lamp that has an engine. I have to control this from the FatFrog, but I would like to ensure that it's either 100% or 0%, so I don't damage the engine. Is this some way possible on a FatFrog? (It doesn't receive and DMX-signal, only current)



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It would be a risky strategy to rely on desk programming to not damage your equipment, you may be better looking for a DMX controlled relay or switchpack if the equipment must be only on or off.


Unfortunately the Frog doesn't support laws/curves to allow you to configure an output to be only on or off. You could do some tricks by progamming the channel as an LTP channel into a couple of submasters, however if you or someone else presses the wrong button or moves a wheel, then your equipment would get damaged, so I wouldn't recommend it.

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