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How do I strobe without overriding other parameters in the attribute

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Hi, I have a Fat Frog and I am trying to program a submaster just to strobe but since strobe is in the beamshape attribute with gobo, gobo rotate, focus, prism, etc...when I hit the submaster I have programmed to strobe it effects all the other parameters in the attribute.


for example: If I am projecting my movers on the wall with a certain gobo and focus and I want to strobe but not change the gobo or focus (or anything else in that attribute). How could I program just the strobe value into a submaster?


or: same situation, but I want to access the prism with a submaster and not effect anything else in the attribute?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



J. Gibson

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You need version 10 software to do this (latest at the time of writing is 10.9). With the Record Options (in Super User) for Beamshape set to Channel (default setting), only wheels that you move will be tagged for recording, so that you can have a submaster with just one parameter recorded for example.


See the release notes for further details (Frog Reference 5402)

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