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Chases double stepping


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Hi guys,


Got a problem with my FatFrog, I go to program a chase, and say it has 4 steps, on man, bass modes the desk will jump every other one, so it will instead of being 1,2,3,4, it will go 1,3,1,3. This is obviously annoying, and I had big problems when trying to do a show recently. I did a bit of investigating and discovered that it actually does go 1,2,3,4 but it automatically triggers the next step so it will very quickly output step 2.


If you're not completely confused by all that, you're a clever person. And if you can help me with it, you're a genius.


If necessary I can make a video demonstrating the problem, but I'd rather not...


Also, just thought, (this is probably QUITE important), but the problem only started after I upgraded to the latest firmware (which I did for fixture support).


Thanks everyone!

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This is a bug that was introduced in version 10.8 software, and only occurs with chases on the memory stack when the desk is in FULL mode.


Frog Reference 5595 - Stack chases double-step in full mode.


The workaround is to either change the Program Mode to Partial, or transfer your chases to submasters.

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