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Private Messages - have you been spammed?


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We have recently had reports from forum members receiving unsolicited Private Messages from a new user, with links to websites that you probably don't want to look at.


Our advice is to report the offending poster's username in this topic and then delete the private message. Do not click on any links in the message. We will block offending posters as soon as possible.


We will review the forum security and permissions settings to try and prevent this happening in the future.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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To prevent further abuse, the Private Message system is no longer available to members with less than 10 posts in the public forum. Once you reach 10 posts, the forum will automatically put you in the Regulars group and you will gain access to the Private Message system. Beta testers are given access to the Private Message system regardless of their post count.


New members who need to contact a Zero 88 staff member privately, can find details on the contacts page - Peter Kirkup should be your first point of contact.


This change doesn't mean that you make irrelevant/pointless posts just to get your post count up, irrelevant/pointless posts will be deleted by the moderators. If you're a time served forum member with a couple of relevant posts (something related to Zero 88 products) who hasn't yet made it to the magic 10, and you need to use the Private Message system, then please email Peter and request an early promotion to the Regulars group.


We appreciate that this change may be inconvenient for new users, however we hope that overall this will be to the benefit of all in preventing further abuse of the Private Message system.

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