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Frog Series Operating Software 6.2 - Release Notes


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Frog Series Operating Software Release 6.2



Frog Series Desk Software Release 6.0, was the first release to support the Mambo Frog desk, and contained the following bug fix:


-- Updating palettes did not work in Full programming mode.


Frog Series Desk Software Release 6.2 contains the following bug fixes:


-- Reporting of battery status, on startup and additional field in Super User Information.


-- Attempting to copy to memory zero corrupts memories screen on monitor.


-- Live adjustment of chase speed for last chase programmed/edited should not be possible and caused desk crashes on occasions.


-- Submaster and SX button LTP trigger levels were reset to defaults when desk power cycled.


-- 'Ghost palettes' appearing when desk was power cycled.




This version of operating software can be downloaded from the main Zero 88 website CLICK HERE.

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