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Palette Lock Function (Version 9)


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Palette Lock Function


The existing function that is used for locking the colour, beamshape or position palette screens on the monitor has been extended to include locking the channel flash buttons or SX selection buttons (Mambo Frog) to operate as the corresponding palette selection buttons, ie


For Colour palettes - Hold F1 + press COLOUR

For Beamshape palettes - Hold F1 + press BEAMSHAPE

For Position palettes - Hold F1 + press POSITION


When the monitor screen and Channel Flash/SX Buttons are locked to a palette, the red LED in the F1 button is lit.


When the monitor screen and Channel Flash/SX Buttons are locked to a palette, pressing any of the Colour, Beamshape or Position buttons on the front panel will change the monitor screen and operation of the Channel Flash/SX buttons to the corresponding attribute.


Pressing F1 will unlock the monitor screen and Channel Flash/SX Buttons.

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Not really, because there is no 'Palettes Screen' as such defined for the LCD.


Even when the palettes are locked it is only the monitor screen which shows the corresponding palette screen; the main LCD will still show the memories, submasters, SX (Mambo) or Output screen, depending on which is currently selected.

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Like the new functions, particularly the palette lock, only thing I would say is that it requires two seperate button presses to engage the palette lock which isn't always that easy if you only have one hand available. Would it not be possible to engage palette lock, by pressing the attribute select key twice and then the LED on the attribute key to flash to indicate palette lock on that attribute?

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Possibly .... but the design for the palette locking was based on the existing functionality already implemented for locking the palette screen on the monitor. It is also consistent with how other screens are 'locked' on the monitor.


It seemed the simplest solution was to just extend this to locking the flash buttons onto the corresponding palette as well :)

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  • 3 years later...

It would be quiet handy, when it'll possible to lock the palettes with just one hand. I'm using submaster & channel flashbuttons a lot and so permanet locking of pallets won't for me... the problem i often occur is when I have to trigger e.g. Position Pallete 1 that i have to use both hands for this. But when you are working simultaneously at the submaster flash buttons with the left hand you just have the right one free...

Currently I try to Press F1 and palette selection button simultaneously with one hand, which is not always easy. Then I trigger the palette and after this i release it via F1, so that I have access to the channel flash buttons again.


In my opinion it would be easier and faster, when palette locking is activated by first pressing F1 and then the palette Selection button, without keeping F1 pressed. What do you think about it?

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You can't program a palette directly to a submaster but you can select the required fixtures, apply the necessary palette and then record that channel data directly to the submaster.


It is not necessary to record the data as a scene memory and transfer the memory to the submaster.

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  • 11 months later...

hi there,


using the FAT FROG


my problem is: i have many colors on the color palette, if i start a chaser from the submaster and want to change the color i always need both hands, one for the button COLOR (the color palette) and the other for the button where the color is saved (button 1,2,3 for example)


the question: is it possible to lock the color button,




old: Hold the button COLOR and change the colors with the palette-buttons

new: lock the button color (F1+color locks, pressing color again unlocks) so you have this hand free to do other things, while your left hand can tap button 1,2,3 for the colors.


hope you understand what i mean and can help me.


k-nine can u please reply something for the thing "MORN" is talking about?


thx by Revenant

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