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Fixture assigns changed after updating cft


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Hi there


I noticed a weird issue with the "Load CFT" function. We bought some new moving heads which had to be intedgrated into our existing lightshow. So I created a fixture type with the fixture type editor for them, then created a new Common Fixture file with the Common Fixture Manager (the old one was lost, so I couldn't simply add it), added the fixture files of our new moving head plus of our old fixtures to it, saved it and load it to the desk.


After a power cycle several of the assigned fixtures were replaced by other ones from my common fixture file. I guess it maybe has something to do with the manufacture- and fixturetype IDs or the order in which the Fixture Types where added to the Common Fixture Manager, but i don't know enough of the way the Frog OS and the Fixture Tools work internally, so maybe someone has an idea, how to work around the problem.


By the way. I'm working with Fixture Tools 2.1 and Frog OS 10.12 on a FatFrog Desk.

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