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submaster chase speed


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I have a question about the Jester ML 24.

I’ve got a submaster with 4 par spots and a submaster chase with 4 moving heads. If I changed the speed of the chase then chasing the speed of both the submaster. Then is the speed of the moving light to fast or the spot chasing to slow.

Is it possible to chance the speed of the chase separately?

Thanks for your reaction!

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Hi bvanenk,


You can adjust the programmed speed of the chases individually, by selecting the submaster and pushing EDIT, then making the adjustment required. For live adjustment on the fly, all chases will be adjusted together.


I hope this helps to clear it up,





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Hi Bob,


So in PROGRAM mode, select one of the chase submaster so it's highlighted in yellow, and then press 'edit'. This will output the chase so you can see it on stage. On the multi-function keys and wheels, change the chase settings to the speed you want, and when you are happy press 'edit' again to confirm.


Repeat this for the second submaster, with the different speed. Now, in RUN mode, your two submasters will work with different speeds.


Hope this helps,

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