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Demux 24- Re-stetting to Default

Daniel Sheehan

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Wondering if anyone can help me in how to reset my Zero88 Demux 24 to default.


I have read the small section of the manual and made several attempts to do so however I cannot seem to get to the menu that I am looking for to complete the instructions just going through a constantly repeating set of numbers which I presume from the numbers is a patch function.


Is there a simple way to either return to the main menu or to perform a factory reset?


Thanks in advance,


Daniel Sheehan


0700 349 7156


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Hi Daniel,


Resetting The Demux24 in Super User Mode:


Press the ‘Up & Down’ Arrows until the display shows “rset”. Press ‘Enter’ to confirm. The display will flash briefly to confirm this action. The Demux24 will be reset to its default settings.



Manual Download: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/505/44/demux-24-operating-manual-en

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Is your Demux 24 locked?


Hold up, down and mode and the unit comes up with LOC or ULOC.

If LOC then use the arrow key to find the Rset option press ent to activate this.

If it says ULOC then press and hold ENT unit the unit jumps back out to the address display, then repeat the above.


Follow the instructions "Resetting The Demux24" in Super User Mode.


If the buttons are not responding then you may have a fault on one of them. Please contact our service in that case.

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