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Installing Operating Software on the Desk


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Installing New Operating Software


Here is a step by step guide to installing new operating software on frog desks:




NOTHING is retained on the desk as part of the upgrade process, therefore it is possible to install any version on a desk, regardless of what versions may have been previously installed on the desk.


Download the zip file from the Zero 88 website onto your PC.


Unzip the file. If you experience problems using the built-in zip file functions of Windows XP, then try Winzip.


Copy the contents of the zip file onto a new or freshly formatted floppy disk.


Hint: If you have problems with the desk not recognising the upgrade disk after a few attempts, try formatting the floppy disk in the desk instead, and then copying the contents of the zip file onto it from your PC.


Switch your desk off.


Insert floppy disk into desk.


Switch your desk on.


If a monitor is connected the screen shows:


Checking for an upgrade disk

Reading OS file, please wait (xx%)


Wait until the desk has read the disk and the following instructions appear on the main LCD:.


Frog OS Upgrade

Version 10.12.


[Continue] {Cancel}


Confirm that you wish to continue by pressing ENTER.


The main LCD then shows:


Any shows stored on

the desk will be


[install] {Cancel}


Confirm that you wish to install by pressing ENTER.


The main LCD will then show the various operations it is carrying out during the installation process.


Wait until the following message appears on the main LCD:


Installation Done,

Please remove disk,

and switch desk off

and back on.


Remove the floppy disk from the drive.


Switch the desk off and back on. You may now re-load your original show from floppy disk if required.


Make sure you read the release notes to familiarise yourself with the changes from the previous software version which you were using. If you use the offline editor Phantom Frog on your PC, then install the updated version of that too, to keep it in step with the version on the desk.

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