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Information contained in the Live from the Congress video was correct as of August 2020. Please see current product pages for up-to-date information and Key Features.


ZerOS 7.9.8

Q: Do we have a roadmap of features you are definitely integrating at some point? Pixel mapping and magic sheets would be great. (Asked by Anonymous).

Q: What are the plans in ZerOS for multi-colour LED fixtures (e.g. RGBA)? (Asked by Chris).

A: Today we announced a Public Beta of ZerOS 7.9.8, giving you the opportunity to download, evaluate and provide feedback about features coming later this year. This is available here. We’re not yet ready to discuss further features, but we are gathering information regarding Pixel Mapping functionality via a questionnaire which is available here.

ZerOS Server

Q: Does ZerOS Server have a built in UPS? (Asked by Rob).

A: ZerOS Server doesn’t include a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), keeping it small and lightweight. If concerned, it’s possible to run two devices in “Tracking Backup” mode, from separate power sources.

Q: How many ZerOS Wings can you connect to ZerOS Server? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: Six ZerOS Wings can be connected to ZerOS Server (the same number that can be connected to FLX). There are three USB ports on ZerOS Server, so you’ll need a powered USB hub to do this.

Q: Is it possible to schedule the cue list in real-time on ZerOS Server for architectural applications? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: Yes. Depending on your needs, there are two options. If you require cues to be triggered at the same time every day (eg midday), this is possible directly on the device (and doesn’t require CAN). If you wish to define days of the week (eg weekends), specific dates (eg valentine’s day), or astronomical events (eg sunset) you can add an iLight “TC-1” to automatically trigger ZerOS Server over CAN. More information about this is available here.

Q: 16 or 64 universes? You said both. (Asked by Anonymous).

A: ZerOS Server (and FLX) can control between 2048 and 8192 DMX channels, which is equivalent to between 4 and 16 full DMX universes. However, these channels can be spread across 64 DMX universes.  This is handy when touring between venues, so your rig doesn’t need to clash with the venue’s universes (eg their houselights and static rig). Both FLX and ZerOS Server have two physical DMX outputs, which can be assigned to any of these 64 DMX universes, with the rest being output over either sACN or Art-Net.

Q: Edward mentioned adding USB DMX dongles to ZerOS Server, which dongles are these? (Asked by Sean).

A: Any USB dongles that utilise Enttec’s “DMX USB API” are compatible with ZerOS Server and FLX (but not FLX S). There’s a wide range of products from several manufactures who use this.

Q: What else can you do with the CAN input? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: Our sister brand, iLight, manufacture a whole range of CAN-enabled products that are supported by ZerOS Server (CAN variants) and RigSwitch. These includes button panels (available in multiple finishes and which can be custom engraved), touch screens, sensors, timeclocks, dimmers and accessories. Visit their website for more information.


Q: Can you have dual redundant gateways as well as tracking desks/servers, otherwise you just move the single point of failure somewhere else.... (Asked by Jason).

A: Gateway 4 and Gateway 8 both support sACN priorities – allowing them to receive data from multiple controllers (eg FLX, FLX S and ZerOS Server) and automatically prioritise and switch between these if one controller goes offline. Both Gateway devices can also merge sACN and Art-Net data from multiple controllers. We build as much reliability and redundancy into our products as possible but following the DMX specification will always result in there being a single point of failure somewhere – even if it’s the DMX cable going to the fixture. Gateway 4 and Gateway 8 allow you to move that single point of failure away from the place most likely to go offline – the controller.

Q: What is Power over Ethernet and how does it work? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: Gateway 4 can be powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE). This allows the device to receive both power and data down the Ethernet cable, reducing cabling and negating the need of an external power supply. Some Network Switches have PoE build right into them, alternatively a “PoE Injector” can be used to add POE into your existing network.

Q: What connectors have you used on your new products? (Asked by Anonymous).

Where suitable, all our products utilise high quality Neutrik connectors. This includes the XLR inputs / outputs on all our products, along with the PowerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors found on FLX, ZerOS Server and Betapack 4.


Q: Is Betapack 4 actually available yet..? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: Yes! Betapack 4 is shipping now. Contact your local Zero 88 distributor for more information -

Q: Will Betapack 4 be available with socket outlets for other countries outside of Europe (eg: Australian socket)? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: The variants available are 15A (UK), Schuko (European), Swiss, CEE17, 15A / CEE17 combined and PowerCON TRUE1 TOP. Whilst some of these connectors are location specific, we’re seeing uptake of the PowerCON TRUE1 TOP connector throughout the industry worldwide, with some rental houses already moving all their stock over to this connector.

Q: Is Betapack 4 Hard power a true Thru Power rather than the dimmer at full? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: Yes. The Betapack 4 Hot Power outlets are wired directly via the MCBs and are not going through the dimming circuitry.


Q: what is the max output we can get on rig switch (Asked by Anonymous). A: RigSwitch can be customised with up to 32A per single channel. Each group of sequential 12 channels can be a maximum of 192A combined. Standard variants come in 10A or 16A per channel.


Q: How do I purchase these? (Asked by Anonymous).

A: We ship to over 90 countries. Contact your local Zero 88 distributor for more information. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our regional sales managers.

Q: Do you distribute the iLight kit? (Asked by Becky).

A: Zero 88 distributors have access to iLight when selling it into projects with Zero 88 product.