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  1. Thanks Brian That explains alot and I will bear that in mind next time I need to use it. What I don't understand though, is why it only happened on the betapack 1 and not the betapack 2. Does the Betapack 2 have some kind of leakage preventer to prevent this? Thanks in advance Josh
  2. hi An interesting situation arose the the other day when I was rigging for a concert, and I wondered If anyone could explain it. I setup a mirror ball and connected it into a channel on a Betapack 1, but when plugged in, the mirror ball was on and started to rotate even though the desk and channel tests were not switched on. I then tried it on a Betapack 2 and it worked fine without being on all the time, and I could control it from the desk fine. I put it down to some kind of fixed pre heat function on the betapack 1 which allowed a small current to flow enough to power the mirror ball. But I am not sure exacly what it was,and its been bugging me for a while!!!! thanks Josh Ps (the desk was a fatfrog if this is any help!!!)
  3. Thanks K-nine So say I wanted to change just the colour of a number of fixtures using a submaster, I would just tag the colour parameter and select the fixtures i wanted it to change on and then record to a submaster as usual. Is this right? Thanks Josh
  4. Sorry to bring up an old topic. But could someone please explain to me what this 'Tagging buisness is all about. I have read the manual but didn't really get to grips with it Thanks Josh
  5. Hi all This may have already have come up somewhere in the forum but i couldn't find it!!! (feel free to delete this post if it has!!!!) Could someone please explain to me the difference between full and partial programme modes and how/when to use them. Thanks Josh
  6. Hi all Just looking at this post and was wondering why this feature i.e uploading fixture files, was not implemented on the first software releases as i would of thought it was a basic feature that would have been put, on as the fatfrog desks etc can do it? Cheers Josh
  7. Thanks K-Nine Should make my life a lot easier in rehearsals now i have found that out!!!! Why can't actors get lines and songs etc right first time round!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  8. Thanks K-Nine for the swift response!! lol I was going to suggest maybe it would be good to implement it in future sofware releases. btw: Didn't realise you have to hold shift as well as the arrow keys Doh!!!! got into a bit of a Confused mess!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  9. Hi all, Iam running a show this week using the frog 2. My question is this.. when playing back a show with the cue stack showed in the monitor, is it possible to scroll down the page using the mouse scroller instead of having to click the bar at the side and drag it down. it would make it quicker to recall Q's. Does this make sense? Thanks Josh
  10. I have had no trouble in learning the desk. I have just left school and we used one for most musicals and plays and in lessons for teaching. Not one of my fellow students had difficulty in learning it. You could try using the phantom frog and play around with it. Or try the tutorial by Sam Henderson I thought it was brilliant. It may be for the fatfrog but most of the basic stuff e.g assign fixtures, programming is the same.
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