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  1. Gerran

    Colour behaviour

    So, I've finaly been able to do some testing when completely repatching our rig from scratch. Unfortunately the colours from the LEE library still don't match the expected colour output. For the rest of my reported 'issues' I think we'll have to get used to the new colour mixing system. Thank you again @Edward Z88 for taking the time to explain it to us. We did have quite some palletes made with matching colours (as close as we could get them) of our Expolite TourLED Pro 28 Zoom and Infinity fixtures. Unfortunately they don't match as good anymore, so I'll be spending some time making up new custom pallets.
  2. Gerran

    Colour behaviour

    Great Edward, thanks a lot for your extensive reply. I'll be checking on the console later this week and report back here.
  3. Gerran

    Colour behaviour

    Thanks Edward, for your swift reaction. After the update to ZerOs 7.12 I've changed all fixtures with the new profiles available in the library. That "empty" show is the default show that we're building on as of now. Perhaps it's better to completely rebuilt a default "empty" swow from scratch? I'll see if I can find the time in the upcoming week to do so.
  4. Gerran

    Colour behaviour

    Since the update to ZerOS 7.12 and now 7.13 (We've missed 7.10) the colour behaviour is totally unpredictable in my opinion. We have 2 different type of fixtures: Infinity fixtures (TS-270-C7, TF-260-C7, TCyc-7 all in RGB Pro mode) and Oxo-Lite TourLEDPro 28 Zoom (Ar2.Z mode 7ch). Both fixture types behave in a peculiar way I cannot get my head around. The inifinity Fixtures have a dedicated colour temperature channel in the DMX chart, but when I select a colour from the LEE library, the colour temperature is changed. Also when i adjust the colour (Red, Green and/or Blue) with the encoder wheels, the temperature value changes. Why is that? The same behaviour is observed with the TourLED's, but with the dedicated 'white' channel. So when I adjust for example red and blue encoderwheels below a certain value, white value is lowered as well. Another issue we noticed is that the LEE colours for the Infinity fixtures are not even close to the supposed values. LEE 106 for example should be red, but the light output is orange/yellow. Last issue (for this post): when a group of the same fixtures is selected and given a colour from the LEE library (and the colour temperature value is adjusted with that for some reason) and after that another colour is selected, all the fictures get new colour (expected) and termperature (why?) values EXCEPT the first fixture in the group. That fixture only gets new colour values but remains the temperature value of the firstly selected colour. I'm wondering what we're doing wrong, or is my line of thinking wrong and should I change my workflow?
  5. Thanks again for your reactions. I've been able to "upgrade" all my fixtures, luckily all fixtures were 1:1 findable, all names were Identical, so no trouble there. So far I've seen no issues with the fixtures. I suspect my custom colour pallets are a bit off compared to before, but since the theatre is in use as cinema theatre during the summer, extensive testing will have to be done during intermissions.
  6. Ah, all right. I still think i'll upgrade the fixtures. The red entries in the fixture schedule trigger the 'something's wrong' button in my mind. Thanks for your help!
  7. Thanks @kgallen for your help. As you suspected I'm not able to follow through your link. I'm not enirely sure what you mean. Am I supposed to manually find and replace the 'broken' fixtures with existing library entries?
  8. Since it's a rather quiet time around here i thought I'd update our FLX with the latetst ZerOS version, but now all my fixtures seem to have become 'Non-library fixtures'. I skipped ZerOS 7.11, I hope that didn't 'break' anything? Was there a library change that i wasn't aware of?
  9. Hi Edward, Thanks a lot! This is exactly the setting I was looking for but couldn't find! Thanks again for your swift reply. Kind regards, Gerran
  10. We probably adjusted some setting we cannot find again, but all of a sudden intensities and colours selected from our pallets fade in when selected and given an intensity. So when I select fixture 101 for example and pres [@][@], the fixture takes 4 seconds to come to full intensity. This used to snap to full intensity. Where and what parameter did we adjust, or should we adjust to make it snap again?
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