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  1. Yeah I agree but removing the lights that shouldnt be there by updating the sub doesn't work
  2. 2 questions 1 how do I edit an effect I ve got 4 moving heads 3 of them in white one gone rogue in yellow the effect is circle. Every time I update the fader it goes back to yellow.. 2 I've got a sub fader with 2 cues with moving heads going up on one cue and going down on the other. Working fine. on the main stack the cue is blue working fine. When I introduce the sub with the main stack all of a sudden pale blue appears. I've tried several times to get rid of the pale blue but again can't get rid. Hope this all makes sense
  3. Hi Had a major problem in tech rehearsal last night. I had put all my cues I needed in mdf's and started to record them over to main stack, but there was no times in the cells and no intensity. In the end I had to start again an set up a new show where all worked well but left me stressed out. What went wrong and could it be easily rectified Pete
  4. Hi When all faders are down on desk 5 fixtures remain on in white can't get rid to f them except if I go to channels take them down and keep the clear button on. Help!!! Oh and I've rebooted the desk
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