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  1. hi Cam, As Kgallen has mention the fixtures patching along with the programmed information are save as part of the show file. You will find the Save option in setup > save, or by tapping the Z/shift button and selecting the Save Show tab. To confirm it is saved if you then go to the load option in setup you will see it in the list. if you want to send the show file to me i can look at convert it to the latest format for you.
  2. Hi @Renato The support box only asked where a spare PCB could be obtained. From the check sum error may be due to a flat internal battery, this may have corrupted setting. Battery on this version is a CR2032 coin cell, would start by checking that. if you still have issue then please PM on the address in my signature.
  3. KWR88


    Hi David, Thanks for sharing that, all feed back is very welcome.
  4. Hi Franck, Have replied to you PM this morning.
  5. I know several magic buttons but in this case you will need the enchanted floppy disk of changing ūü§£ Send me a PM to the address below and i will arrange a link to download the image.
  6. Hi Justin, First thing i would have looking at on this is the internal battery. Was there any signs of corrosion around the battery, discolour track etc. You should be seeing the battery voltage on the header to the right of the battery, the centre and left pin should have a jumper connecting the together.
  7. can you mail a show file over to me on the address in my signature can take a look at it then.
  8. Traduit avec Google. Salut, Il semble que vous utilisiez un FLX S48 et ces informations seraient affich√©es sur un moniteur externe. Si vous n'en avez pas connect√©, acc√©dez √† la configuration et aux param√®tres et s√©lectionnez l'option de d√©sactivation. cela affichera alors toutes les ic√īnes sur l'√©cran interne. Translated with Google. Hi, It looks like you are using an FLX S48 and this information would be displayed on an external monitor. If you don't have one connected, go to configuration and settings and select the disable option. this will then display all the icons on the internal screen.
  9. KWR88

    Rack 6 Fan too loud

    There is another possible cause of the noise, the earlier units the vents for the fans were punched out of the metalwork as slots. This left the edges of the slots saw-toothed which can give excessive air flow noise. On the later units the vents were replaced with a round edge fan guard.
  10. hi, Please PM me on the email address in my signature
  11. Hi Paul, Think Edward many have replied to you on this direct as we are having issue with posting. if not PM me on the address in my signature.
  12. incognito and standard chrome both seem to work for me
  13. As mention by others above, the FLXS desk don't update with a bootable USB drive, you just copy the update file to the USB root directory and on the desk go into Setup > Load and select the .exe from the list of files and tap the load option. If you are having issue seeing the file on drive check you can see the file as ZerOS7.13.exe on a PC, in case a virus protection/firewall has change it. IF you can't see the USB drive, as you mention make sure it Fat32 or if a large capacity drive NTFS format, find windows tends to default to Ex-Fat. If you are still having issues PM me on the address in my signature.
  14. PM on the address in my signature will go through this with you.
  15. Hi James, Have replied to you mail you sent to the fixture support box this morning.
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